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[Game] Empires Calling – Kings War

Empires CallingEmpires Calling – A FREE mobile slg war game with revolutionary graphic gameplay and medieval time line.

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The All World used to be a world full of magic power, when time pass by, most of the magic power in the world faded away. Dragons used their life to seal away the chaos serpent, but it still destory the world and now that civilization is restarting, and the dragon horn turned into pieces and scattered all across the world……

As one of the descendent of a powerful race, you must fight the evil forces and the fallen ones to save and rule the world.

Unique Features

Build your empire
Explore! Expand! Exploit! Do everything to build your empire. The era of time and the population are closely related. The key to increase population is to make the place more safe and livable. Explore the unknown area, gather resources, expand territory to build your empire.

Grow your civilization
Start your civilization evolution. Civilization has restarted, lead your people towards a higher civilization, make a better world.

Summon the hero
Legendary heroes under your command to conquer this chaotic world! The legendary heroes praised by the people of all countries have their unique skills and are waiting for your recruitment! Hard times don’t create heroes. It’s during hard times when the hero within us is revealed! Come and write your legend!

Choose your God
Worship Gods and gain divine power! Worship and gain divine powers from the God, use it to defeat your mortal enemies.

Train your dragon
Legendary beasts here to help you! Wake the beast up, a legendary creature with mass power. Train your guardian beast to make the world a better place.

Rewrite the history
Participate and rewrite the history. The war was written in the book, you can participate in it, even rewrite it on your own.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/gaming/EmpiresCalling.SLG
Discord: discord.gg/h5QU5BzP

Empires Calling user reviews :

Early in the games development but improvements needed to make the game enjoyable. Main part of the game does not work properly – the map! Map does not work, res tiles regularly dissapear, you can’t see other cities when you scroll map, map doesn’t refresh and load up when you scroll across it. Exore function does nothing as far as I can tell. Can’t figure out how PVP works because you can’t see other cities on the map to attack. Could be so good if this was fixed.

  • Thank you for your comments.To optimize your experience. We invite you to join our discord( discord.gg/CwEqRqt2GU)which often provide strategy/maintenance notice/progress of temporary bug repair/and and communicate in real time;

a very good game but there’s a one big problem everytime i go out in this game and i go back it very stuck in resources something wrong with this loading screen i am disappointed i hope the company will fix the loading screen

  • Thank you for your evaluation. Is there a problem that you cannot log in and stay on the loading interface? You can contact our in-game customer service to solve it for you alone

Very good game I like it alot. I have to say tho the campaign missions could be more fun tho. But apart from that I like the game alot. It’s been something I have been looking for.. for very long time.

great game, keeps you busy. Would give it 5 stars if we could have 2 characters per server per account, like other games.

  • Thank you for your evaluation, looking forward to your next evaluation

Overall it looks a decent game so far , at level 6 that I am currently. It seems there is a problem with the game update as it tells you to redirect to play store to download the update , you go there and there is no update . Just uninstall and play . Please check this out . I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and it starts me from the BEGINNING. My whole game progress was lost . I am very disappointed

  • At present, you can update from our store page. If you encounter problems, we look forward to your reply again

I’m really enjoying this game: great graphics, lots of freedom, you can evolve through civilization, build your city and fight others.

The build menu is flawed, when you try to build anything, it takes you to the center of your base, and if you’re trying to build roads, forget it, I’m not impressed with the difficulty of trying to build pathways for the design of my base. Other than that, it’s not a bad game, moving the buildings is easier than other games I’ve played.

  • Thank you for your comments.To optimize your experience. We invite you to join our discord(discord.gg/CwEqRqt2GU)which often provide strategy/maintenance notice/progress of temporary bug repair/and and communicate in real time;

Review update:ok, I’ve been playing this game for weeks now and the game is ok.its not pay to win like the rest of the strategy games.but their and some bugs and gliches and sometimes crashes or get freezed.deveopers please focus on game optimization.and please improve the graphics a bit it looks old. Thank you have a nice day

  • Thank you for your re evaluation, and we will continue to optimize. Please reconfirm with you about the crash and freeze, and can you provide the specific operation step that will occur? We look forward to your reply again, and we will solve the problem as soon as possible according to the problem you provided.

So far well experience, was wondering about clan servers, and also any possibility to add voice message feature?

  • Thank you for your evaluation, thank you very much for your feedback, have you joined our discord, we can optimize it according to your feedback

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