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[Game] War of GAMA

War of GAMAClosed Beta in progress now, head to the official site for more rewards:

War of GAMA, a classic MMOPRG mobile game is finally here! WOG features all the qualities of top-notch classic RPG games and combines together these elements with easy one-handed gaming and innovative massively multiplayer features. Unleash your strength in battle and become the most powerful warrior across the lands! The authentic PRG classic is reproduced, the blood alliance system, Boss team battles, and god-level dungeons are waiting for you to explore, and the battle is to make money!

Game Features
Unlimited Morphs Limitless Power Intuitive Combat Be The Strongest
With hundreds of morphs for you to choose from, transform into an alluring yet powerful dark elf, a mercenary with dual cannons, or even a dark magic general who delivers death to their enemies. Morphs not only offer special appearances, but also increase the attack speed, combat power, and even turns the tide of wars. Become the strongest adventurer, enjoy the thrill of defeating your enemies in battle.

Global Service Blood Pledges Wage War Fight to the End
Players from all over the world gather together to fight to the last breath and compete for the number 1 spot. Gather your companions to kill the strongest bosses, realize the will of your blood pact, and lead the blood pact members to wage war for wealth and glory while plundering and capturing territory. Epic-level fights on the same server all over the world, experience the bloody battle. Warrior, courage and wisdom are your strongest buffs, be the bravest adventurer in history, unafraid of the blood and tears of war.

Wield Enhanced Divine Weapons Defeat Powerful Foes
Difficult to craft and difficult to obtain? War of GAMA eliminates this pain point of mobile RPGs. Material scrolls are easy to earn, powerful magical equipment is simple to make. You no longer need to use fragile ordinary weapons to slowly grind through monsters. A +10 magic weapon you craft yourself will make you immensely powerful and allow you to compose your unique legendary journey.

Integrated AFK System Always be Training
Go AFK to earn treasure, free your hands, and become stronger without relying on active game time. Remove boring, repetitious gaming with AFK gaming. Materials, gold coins, experience are at your fingertips, fight monsters and use equipment to make artifacts. You no longer no longer need to worry about upgrading step by step with your precious time –use AFK mode to be constantly improving!

Battle is Everywhere Watch Your Back
The barren and suffocating wilderness, the cemetery piled with dead bones, the vast world is filled with danger. To survive in such a world, you need to become a force to be reckoned with. Grasp your weapons, tighten your nerves, accept battle after battle, and be ready to kill at any time!

War of GAMA user reviews :

Its not a bad game for sure but it sucks the life out of battery. That aside its kinda slow paced. It lacks the effects and visuals so i got a bit sleepy when playing. Good sides are not p2w, its easy to figure out, not any popups at all.

  • 親愛的冒險者,您好: 很抱歉讓您感受到不愉快的遊戲體驗,我們希望能進一步與您確認需要改進的地方,以做為後續的改善目標之一。 讓所有的冒險者都能快樂的享受遊戲是我們追求的願景,我們會持續聆聽大家的更多建議,您的寶貴建議是我們進步的源泉。 後續若是有任何問題或建議的,還請您搜尋《War of GAMA》Facebook官方粉絲團私訊小編 或是點選遊戲中左側半圓形橘色「▷」→VIP客服→我要提問,將有專員盡速為您服務

Unlike other mobile idle MMORPGs: (1) this one doesn’t have annoying pop ads . (2) Doesn’t force you to recharge. (3) Reading the story doesn’t have a time limit. (4) No VIP system. (5) The auto mode can be turned on and off. I love it.

Graphics are great and the artstyle is right up my street. I just haven’t got a clue what is going on. The game doesn’t feel like anything and is just an amalgamation of other inspirations. It just needs a good direction and this would be great.

  • 親愛的冒險者,您好: 感謝您的支持與指教!我們很重視您的遊戲體驗,若您對於遊戲內機制有任何優化建議,及更好的設計功能想法,還請不吝透過搜尋《War of GAMA》Facebook官方粉絲團私訊小編 或是點選遊戲中左側半圓形橘色「▷」→VIP客服→我要提問,將有專員盡速為您服務

Right, I said I’d update once I’d played and to be honest I wish I hadn’t bothered. I expected the auto play but it’s not that good, only asia servers. Too much stuff thrown at you and the information is badly translated however I didn’t feel the desire to work it out for myself. Needless to say I won’t be playing this

  • 親愛的冒險者,您好: 「War of GAMA」於2023年4月6日11:00(UTC+8)全球火熱上線! 如果仍然無法正常開啟,還請嘗試以下方法排除 1.設備的記憶體空間不足 2.需要符合遊戲的最低設備需求 3.網路連線不穩可能造成無法更新安裝 4.設備內有舊的安裝包內容殘留,需要卸載舊的遊戲包再進行安裝 若有任何遊戲問題與建議,歡迎搜尋《War of GAMA》Facebook官方粉絲團私訊小編 或是點選遊戲中左側半圓形橘色「▷」→VIP客服→我要提問,將有專員盡速為您服務

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