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[Game] Astral Guardians

Astral GuardiansPre-Regis Special Rewards: After the game is released, players who pre-register will get the following prizes:

Bound Diamonds * 600, Coins * 600000, Equip Key * 10, Hunt Ticket * 1, Soulbead Offering Orange * 20, Potion Fatigue Ruins * 1

Astral Guardians is a magical MMORPG with a wide world view and cool content featuring various dungeons and classic PVP experiences. As an MMORPG game, this game has incredible scene images with cool effects that give players a complete gaming experience.
Awaken your brave soul and save the world!

Astral Guardians is a 3D action RPG that puts you on a mission to save an entire kingdom.
Here, you will complete a series of missions and challenges as the most talented warrior in the kingdom. During this adventure journey, you will meet various beast races. Make a contract with the spirit, get powerful weapons, match different skills to increase your strength, fight with the strong dark forces and become the strongest in the continent. Save the devastated country and write your fantasy adventure story.

Raise your weapon and fight!

Beautiful Scenery Amazing Effect
With bright colors and incredible sound effects, each scene was designed with care. Cool skill effects won’t lag even when you set the graphics to the highest quality.

Challenge Yourself, Keep Fighting
PVP battles can be done whenever and wherever you want. Will you reach higher in the Ranking Match or fight to become King of the Temple? Beat your opponents and prove yourself worthy! You can even do guild battles with your guild members. Invite your friends to fight together now!

Amazing Graphics, High Quality Sound
Adorable Japanese anime-style graphics and light, cheerful sound effects put you in the mood all day long!

Sweet Oath Exclusive Party
This is love at first sight! When you meet your loved ones, take them to the Romantic Wedding Hall. Make promises for life, dance the waltz of love and let your love story be witnessed by your friends and family. You can interact with your lover in a more fun way here. You can even kiss and hug them. There is also exclusive equipment that provides buffs for couples!

Unique Fashion Free Combination
Various fashions, weapons and hairstyles can be matched freely to create your own unique style. Cute little dresses, elegant dresses, dominating weapons …… different looks every day!

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Astral Guardians user reviews :

I think this is the best MMORPG i ever played! Fast leveling up characters, amazing gameplay, etc. I was playing this game around one month or more and i think i got boring here, sometimes we’re stuck and can’t do nothing except finishing daily activity. The drop rate Boss items is very low, and i must search for equipment with my another account for my CP’s life. Topup events are so expensive even though we can ignore it, but don’t worry free players still can playing this game.

Entertaining, graphic wise it’s good, smooth even on the highest setting, gameplay is convenient, you can leave it auto grind, or manually control it, it’s good, and even though it’s aggressively microtransaction i didn’t see it broke us players, overwhelming first top up rewards to give a great jumpstart equipment until mid game

This game is very exciting and fantastic. I really like the graphics and the shape of the game’s characters including that we can communicate with other players And add it to the friend’s system too ~ giving gifts as friendship. Besides that in this game there is an adorable baby I love it! But why do I give four stars? Because several times there are often errors and interfere with leveling up in the game but me Love this game so much! Excite Love this game so much! Excitement for developers!

The game quite good but the support costumer service is dead (never read my complaint) and the micro transcation is hella crazy af….

This game is adorable, but it isn’t in English. Fortunately, it follows the standard cookie cutter formula for these sorts of games and you can easily figure it for most tasks. I’ll give another star if it gets translated for full release.

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