Warfare Strike Global War – Defend your homeland against others invasion

[Game] Warfare Strike Global War

Warfare Strike Global War  Are you ready to join this best modern strategy war game of the year?

Build grandiose cities, recruit massive armies, unit with global allies and enjoy the new experience of epic battles with players all over the world.

Game Features

Build grandiose cities and recruit mighty armies to defend your homeland against others invasion.
Develop and customize your exclusive Empire.
Worldwide Battles! Fight with worldwide players and expand your Alliance’s Territory!
Diversity Soldiers! Unlock, train and level up your troops.
Strategic Gameplay! Know your enemy well and strike with strategy!
Forge legendary equipments to rise above the competition.
Clash with global Alliances online in PVP City Scramble.
Chat with worldwide players in real time conversation!

Fight to become the master of the empire, lead your armies into epic battles and march your way to victory! Become the strongest commander in Warfare Strike: Global War!
The war is beginning!!

Warfare Strike Global War user reviews :

for 2 yrs i love this game but when merge to x15 this game is sucks and rubbish!!!I highly advice to all who wants to play this game you should only play for fun and try not to invest your money here..you will be scam in the end!!!

  • Dear Commander, Very sorry for the inconvenience to you. We have rolled back processing to restore the game data before the server merge because of the abnormal data. We don’t roll back games for no reason. After what happened, it was also a difficult decision for us. For any questions, contact us via letang.cs[at]gmail.com. Thanks

awesome game well build many thinks to do play a bit of time and still find thinks i dont know nice well done thank you .please if possible make option translate on chat not everybody speak english thank you well done again. have good day Warfare Strike team.

Overall a good game but once you need an alliance the top few you need to join you cannot and this becomes a problem, you become left out and targeted. Their is also a lot of the game where you have to figure out yourself and even now after a few months playing it’s still un-clear, so their is still a lot of improvements to be made
  • GameZEmpire
  • Hi, thank you very much for trying out our game. We are constantly working on creating a better gaming experience for all players. Now we eagerly ask you to stick together with us as your support is out great motivation. You can email us to letang.cs@gmail.com about glitches/bugs to help the team find and fix bugs, thank you!

Game is superb, very addicting and time killing. Although it could be better. I hope the developer can add translator for Individual Mail similar to Alliance or World Chat where we can translate the text. Bring some smoothness to the game. Graphics still looks good but not realistic similar to King of Avalon etc.

One star advertising shows command and conquer type game this is not why on earth do games do this advertise false all the time you ain’t the first to do this but I’m sick of advertising that doesn’t show proper in gameplay take this as a lesson bring out a game and advertise it properly not false. It’s about time Google play store crack down on this attitude as will be putting another complaint in you buy a platform from kabam boss from years ago and then think it’s new get real for Christ sake
  • GameZEmpire
  • Dear Commander, Sorry for the inconvenience that our game has brought to you.The main goal of ads is to catch people’s eyes.The true joy of the game needs to take an active playing it by yourself. Here we will record your opinions to our techs, hope they’ll make an adjustment ASAP.For any questions, please freely contact us via letang.cs[at]gmail.com
Its a good game though can be boring sometimes when training and construction time takes a long time. To make matters worse, it will take ages to upgrade the speed in research science. No tutorial and I still cant figure out whats the light bullets and artillery. What does gain bullets or artillery after use? Whats the after use????
  • GameZEmpire
  • Dear Commander, Good to talk to you. You can use a bullet on “Beach Head Event. Go to Event Center, and click” Weekly Calendar” in the upper right corner , you will find it. If the event is not available this week, it will be online next week, please pay attention to it, thanks! Global War

Fun game . You don’t have to spend money for the game to be fun. Tutorial and quest give you everything you need to know and grow

Incredible game, based around ‘warfare’ and team building… Which i find this enjoyable to play, and chat with other people.

I love this game its makes me addicted but 1 think why i am not giving 5 stars is when i sending guard troops to my mates alliance and still on the way to his base and my mates tele his base to other place it can make our shield open. Its make me upset if we use 7d shield. this game developer should fix this so we can play more fun.
  • GameZEmpire
  • Hi, thank you very much for trying out our game. We are constantly working on creating a better gaming experience for all players. Now we eagerly ask you to stick together with us as your support is out great motivation. You can email us to letang.cs[at]gmail.com about glitches/bugs to help the team find and fix bugs, thank you!

I play this game 3-4 years ago. I came back just for the memories. And as always, the enjoyment of playing this game is just awesome. Bring back my old times.

Latest Update :

Fixed several Bugs.

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