Water Sort Quest – Train your brain and challenge yourself

[Game] Water Sort Quest

Water Sort QuestPlay our watercolor sorting puzzle to train your brain and challenge yourself!

How to play
Tap a tube to pour water into another tube.
You can only pour water on top of the same color.
You can only pour water if there is enough space.
You can move water of any color into an empty tube.
Beat the level by collecting water of the same color in each tube.
You can find “?” by moving the water on the top.
If you get stuck, you can retry the level.

You can play this game with one finger.
There is no time limit; play anytime, anywhere.
Easy to play.
You can customize tubes, caps, and backgrounds.
Use items for easy wins!
Compete with other players and get high rankings to earn extra rewards.
Red-green colorblind mode available.

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Water Sort Quest user reviews :

Really good but I’ve stumbled upon a problem, although I have the sound off the music still plays. This is very bothersome for those who, like me, want to listen to podcasts or music while playing. Please fix this issue.

Annoying adds, just like every other game. After level 50, you have to watch an add to do anything, to use a booster or progress to the next level. It was fun until level 50.

Good, so far…looks like nice, subtle colors are coming. I’m way further ahead in a similar game – hoping this game gets more interesting moving forward. I don’t spend days w/these games, but here’s hoping.

It would be preferable if the sound was separated.. sound and music, so that I can mute the music and use sound alone and vise versa

Very nice gameplay, ads are almost non-existent, layout is straightforward but fun, absolutely recommend trying out!

Best water sorting game I’ve played. Others would glitch on me or stop working after a short amount of time. This one runs so smoothly and is so satisfying!

There are not too many ads. But it’s a really good game. Each level gets harder and harder. But you get used to it, and the hardest level is easy.

Simple and straightforward water sort game. Ads are completely optional, graphics are good, and play progresses naturally.

Love this game although I wish I could turn off the music and only have the water pouring sound. Minimal ads, you watch them as a choice.

It’s so calming and not laggy, it helps me focus on tasks and I definitely would recommend it to people who struggle with stress.

Downloaded cause review said optional ads, which sounds like a miracle with this specific game model. They start playing short ads after every level starting at level 50.

It is fun, and as you move up levels, it becomes more challenging and keeps you very entertained.

Really addictive but I got to level 192 and the game would not allow adverts so I could get an additional tube even though I had full WiFi and full internet. Am going to uninstall.

Easy and free. Played several levels so far and no issues yet. If I have any problems I’ll update review!

It’s a good game . If your day is going to bored you can play it. In your free time . But not like subway surfers or PUBG etc etc . But fine and okay

Does absolutely nothing just the exact and the same as well as colours and Thier effects saw or not I guess not saw visually is insubsequential eefiaciet to orbital optical lens or appearl not from time most to ones self it’s in the face and tossed I guess why it’s already that way it’s repair Causes pku and a suit

5 stars, I’m on level ten and no adds so far! Pretty straight forward, it’s the basic tube liquid fill sort thing.  Awesome!

My experience of this game very fantastic… This is very easy but when you will reach at level 20 it will be difficult I love this

This game is a lot of fun. There is close to no Ads !! Would definitely recommend

Honestly pretty good. Worth to give it a shot. Love the pastel colors :) Good for roadtrips with no wifi. Recommend

It’s a great past time to relax your mind while sharpening it. Definitely fun.

Verry good for 3 year olds to develope and and a very funand challanging game i recommend to kids who dont develope too fast but the harder levels are way too challanging so i recomomend maybe from lvl10 – 15 maybe bitoverall very good game

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