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Wave ControlWave Control : Control your music and video playback and calls with waves of your hand over your phone. No touching required. Control music with the screen off too.

Works with your favorite music/streaming and video apps.

Get air gestures today on the phone you have now.

One of Lifehacker’s Best Android Apps 2012
One of PC World’s Best Android Apps 2012 (so far)

NEW: For GALAXY Note 3 and GALAXY S5, additional Left/Right/Up/Down gestures available

This version has purchasable upgrades to pick and choose features as they become available. Pro version gives all current and future features at no additional cost.

Known Issues:
Galaxy Ace, Y, and Fit: Try a different music app for the list further down.
If Screen Off not working – Turn on Device Admin in Settings

*Check the Player Compatibility List further down*

Great for:
At your desk – No need to turn on the screen or unlock to change songs
Driving – Don’t take your eyes off the road to change songs
Cooking – Control your music with your hands covered in dough
Cleaning – Don’t worry about getting dirt and grime all over your screen
Eating – Don’t worry about smearing all that burger juice on your phone
Working Out- Don’t fall off the treadmill trying to unlock your phone

As seen on:
Huffington Post

Easy to use, just wave your hand over the sensor (usually located just next to the earpiece).
Holding it there (hover) – Pause/Resume
One wave across – Next Song
Two waves across – Previous Song
Three times – Enable/Disable the controls

If you would like to help put Wave Control in your native language, please email me!

Many Thanks to the following translators!!
Spanish – Rodrigo
Turkish – Erdem Arslan
Chinese (Simplified) – George
Hungarian – David Benedek (www.benedekdavid.info)
Polish – Marcin

Be sure to enable Headset Button Control in your player of choice

Player Compatibility List:
Any Music app that supports “Headset Controls” includes all the most popular apps.

Some Notes:
Tip for the hover gesture: if you move your hand away too quickly it’ll register a wave
After an action, there is a delay before another gesture will be registered
Practice your wave techniques in the “Last Action” section
If you’re getting another player responding to the commands, use the Set Target Media App setting

The sensor WILL behave differently on different phones. I don’t have the resources test on every phone. If there is a problem, please email me to give me a chance to fix it out before leaving a bad review!

Permissions Needed:
Wake Lock: To work when the screen is off
Read Phone State: To switch modes when phone is ringing or in-call
Internet: For Ad Supported Version
Access Network State: For Ad Supported Version
Access Coarse Location: This is not GPS — For Ad Supported Version
Write External Storage: For Ad Supported Version
Vibrate Used when app not in foreground or screen is off
Write Settings: For Screen Toggle On/Off action
Billing: For Upgrades Store
Get Tasks: For Recent Apps and Cycle Apps actions
Call Phone: For Call Controls functionality
Modify Audio Settings: For Speakerphone in call controls
(Optional) This app uses the Device Administrator permission. – Screen Lock: Used as an alternative method to turn off the screen if the default one does not work. It will need to be disabled prior to uninstalling the app if used.

Developed on a Samsung Galaxy S7

Wave Control user reviews:

Great app, great dev continues to improve

Works as described, thanks.

I love this app. I listen to loads of podcasts while working and often need to quickly pause them when people talk to me. This app saves me having to fiddle about with my phone to pause/unpause all the time. I can even have it in my pocket and have it pause playback simply by removing it from my pocket. Works great with Doggcatcher on my Nexus S.

The app works as described. But I noticed a faint ticking sound when the app was running. It is noticeable when no music is running. It went away when I exited the app. It kept coming back when the app was running.

Please make the app Move to SD,i love the app but I’m low on internal memory.

How the hell didn anyone get this idea. Bro u outclass every other app. Heck of a billion kisses. Runs like breeze on my p500 n ATRIX 2. :-))) will download the pro for sure.

I use this app daily while doing dishes and playing games. Love how it works with the stock music player and Google music! Keep up the awesome work.

Very responsive developer, and I reported some bugs five days ago and three updates have been released since then, the if you are to support such a good developer I recommend you to get the pro version, after all they eat too ;-)

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