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Westward Journey Restarts About the Game

After Tang Sanzang, the great monk, and his disciples Monkey King, Pigsy and Sandy got the scripture from the Western Heaven, they are going to present it to the administrator of the Heaven Realm, Sakra. However, the Monkey King heard the words from the scripture and refused to handle the scripture to Sakra, which led to his death and the dismissal of the westward journey team.

16 years later, the lost scripture appears again. The heaven realm camp wants to reclaim the scripture and march to the Tianyu mountain and the new story starts from here.

Can the heaven realm reclaim the scripture?
Who’s Tang Sanzang’s new disciple?
Will the westward journey team gather together again?
Will the Monkey King revive?

Play the high graphic RPG base on the popular Hongkong comic The Westward.

Game Features
A Story Base on the Popular Hongkong Comic The Westward
An unusual Journey to the West story.
Re-creation of famous mythology characters.
Original comic and animation.
Explore stories from all main characters.

Summon Heroes from Mythology
You can summon heroes from the westward team, heaven realm, dark soul camp, monster camp, dragon camp, demon camp, and the alien camp.
Over 100+ heroes await you to summon them!

Rich and Innovative Cultivation System
Original Soul Echoes Resonance System, collect the souls from 8 different races and activate the ”Soul Resonance”!
Choose and equip hero abilities to power up the heroes in the team.
Strengthen gears, scriptures, artifacts, and other cultivatable items.

Strategy and Skill Customization
Understand the special effect of unique hero skills.
Customize the battle skills of heroes.
Choose formation before battle to get the maximum battle benefit.
Trigger merge skill in battle.

Multiple Dungeons, Endless Trials & Adventures
Buddha pagoda, adventurous hero expeditions, God Eight Tribes challenges, Asura Attack, endless trials, Ancient battlefield, and so on. Choose to play the most interesting dungeon.

PVP and Guild Gameplay
Enjoy synchronized, asynchronous, and cross-server PVP gameplay.
Join the guild, play together and get resources.

Abundant and High-Quality Visual Content
High-quality story and battle CG.
Hundreds of comic portraits.

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Westward Journey Restarts user reviews :

Good one for f2ps. Don’t expect more. Developers need money too. They have a life to live. But there isn’t any contents on social media from where I can get to about high level gameplay. So it’d be better if you contract some gamers and make some high level gameplay contents. That’d help the new players.

I will still rate it a 3/5 because I can’t create a name i chose to be a guest for a while and bind it after a few days when it is a good game for me to play for years and it is good. But after 3 days there is an update that made my guest account dissapear and not able to log-in making my account unaccessible. Due to that my whole progress has been deleted i even get to be on a rank in cp,arena, and pagoda tower. I’m super invested in your game it is very f2p friendly keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for the feedback, we will soon fix it.

This game its ok lots of free summons and stuff but if you are f2p you are going to be stuck with ssr team which isn’t a bad thing but I can see eventually getting stuck. there isnt any customization to charter at all and I don’t think I seen one person speak English in the chat probably not worth the time right now unless some things change

Nice game great cut scene battles and finishers! Only complaint is the bubble pop up I should be able to get rid of it…..

Good game but this game is pay to win.Imposible defeat to pay to win player.Nice animation and great art. Sometime this game is not balance because some charcters are over power and their counter hero is expensive.I like this game when i read manga.Sun wukong is my childhood hero.

Guys, please help! The game threw me out, and am unable to log back into server X21. I reinstalled too, it still ain’t logging me back into game.

Needs help clearing out already done quests but other than the animation is good and play is a typical phone game

Love the new game… nice fight game..hope it will continue to get more content

So far so good and I will recommend it to my friends for sure… thank you for your good work… I’ll share more of my opinion next time.

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