Adelamyth – The evil force invaded the world

[Game] Adelamyth – Casual Idle RPG

AdelamythWelcome to the Adela land, My warrior! Get yourself ready for the demon invasion now!

About the Game
Adelamyth is a classic turn-based Idle RPG with a huge variety of modes to keep you battling!

The evil force invaded the world. Many heroes lost their lives in the battle to guard their homeland. Merlin, as one of these heroes, in order to unite the heroes to protect their homeland, promised that as long as everyone is willing to fight, he will find a way to resurrect everyone. However, there is a great disparity between the enemy and heroes. Finally, they lost. Luckily, the souls of heroes have been strengthened by the Soul Tree with an agreement before the war. Their souls are immortal after death and able to resurrect with their memories. They are waiting for a warrior to awaken them and help them save their homeland…… Will you?

Game Features
Idle RPG
Bring heroes on your team and they will fight for you automatically. No matter when and where, online or offline. Reap the rewards when you next log on.

Summon – Collect – Level up
Over 60 heroes in 5 factions (Water, wind, fire, dark and light). Level up heroes to Build the strongest team. Collect soul energy to nourish the Soul tree to add a bonus to all hero attributes!

Equip your heroes and build unbeatable lineups to overcome your enemies. Each faction enjoys formation buffs and factional advantages over other factions. 6 formations for you to choose.

Progress through the campaign to fight the evil force. Climb the Abyss tower to get plentiful rewards. Challenge the Illusion trial to Prove Your Worth. See how far you can go into the Maze Exploration to get relics. Dice in Merlin’s treasure to see how lucky you are!

Worldwide Ranking
Combat with other players from all over the world (Arena, Cross-server Arena) and fight for glory to guard your guild(guild war, Cross-server guild war)

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Adelamyth user reviews :

I really like this game! It so easy to play for a beginner like me. I loved the characters and the storyline so much. Hope there will be an update for battle animations/speed and it would be lovely if there’s an auto attack button. But overall kudos for the creator of this game!

This game has great gameplay so far and an amazing idle setup I’ve been playing for less an hour and already have a level 57 five star hero and 5 four star heroes so easy to get good rewards as well. Update I’ve been playing for 3 days now and already have a 131k battle power a six star fire hero and an entire five star lineup truly one of the easiest leveling up game I’ve played for a while

Didn’t even get through the tutorial. It’s too long and it forces you to suffer through it like it’s not the same gameplay as every other idle game on here and everywhere else.

Great game! Awesome motion and storyline, generous with heroes and supplies. I look forward to seeing more of what this game has to offer.

U guys the opening tutorial is so excessive and repetitive I almost didn’t finish because I just was forced through it. Please give an option to skip or make shorter!

Nice Game, it doesn’t make you quit as a beginner because of how hard it is, it is very easy at the beginning, so much reward!

Sometimes it lags before battles. Need to add an auto battle to more on after fighting or atleast maybe a skip button if your too powerful for the current battle

Absolutely loving this game so far. Great experience and great progress rate so far. Looking forward to see what updates and events come in the future

It’s not a bad game but it is very very similar to crown of heros which was released before this game and it drives me nuts how similar the the design of certain material and etc is to COH

Great game. Lots to do or just let it idle and rack up the good stuff. Nice char. design, with quirky dialogs makes a cool game.

I really enjoy this but I’m probably gonna delete these after a few days because I’ll be bored just like any other game that is like this. I like the artstyle though.

Ive been looking for months for an idle game like this since the previous one i played closed, this one is much easier and is very much generous to f2p

I need to play it a little bit more for me to rate but so far this is a five-star game. I need to play a little bit more I will rerate when necessary

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