Whale Trail Frenzy

[Game] Whale Trail Frenzy

Whale Trail FrenzyWhale Trail Frenzy : The smash hit endless flyer is now FREE and even more addictive! Willow the Whale is back and this time he’s brought his friends!

Whale Trail Frenzy : Get ready to collect more Blubbles, loop the loop, upgrade your skills and abilities, smash enemies, unlock costumes and meet bonkers characters along the way.

“I can see my house from here!!”

> ‘Impossible not to like, stellar production values and solid gameplay.’ – Pocket Gamer
> ‘The game is GORGEOUSLY cute. Try it out.’ – Gizmodo
> ‘Ditch your jetpack, it’s time to ride the psychedelic Whale Trail.’ – Kotaku
> ‘It’s simple and gorgeous. There’s rarely been a better gaming value for money.’ – T3

• Simple and intuitive one touch gameplay
• Upgrade Willow’s skills to suit your flying style
• Use ‘Treats’ while flying for instant bonuses
• Unlock and fly as Willows friends including Wagner the Killer Whale
• Smash the Thunder Bros in ‘Frenzy’ mode
• Loads of challenging achievements to unlock
• Compete against friends with Scoreloop
• Soundtrack by Gruff Rhys of ‘The Super Furry Animals’


WTF is ad-supported but buying any Krill IAP will remove all ads.

Whale Trail Frenzy user reviews:

re-rates to 5 stars. Thank you for updating!

5 star rating now, fixed exactly the issues I had. Thank you devs keep up the great work

Pleeeease make an ad-free, paid version of Frenzy! The ads are spoiling what would otherwise be an awesome game.

Great game.. addictive side scroller with alot of room for adding abilities etc. Reminds me of a Temple Run type (infinite scrolling, points + upgrades with currency etc.). Slow on start up though, could use a fix there… otherwise runs great on my SIIX.


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