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[App] Olauncher – Minimal AF Launcher

OlauncherOlauncher is a minimal AF launcher with just enough features. And yes, AF stands for AdFree.

One of the best and safest minimalist launchers – MakeUseOf

One of the 15 best Android apps released in 2020 – AndroidAuthority

One of the best Android launchers according to AndroidPolice, AndroidAuthority, Neowin and Tech Spurt


Resize text (new), rename apps (new), hide/unhide apps, work/dual apps support, light and dark theme, swipe gestures, double tap to lock, active development and a great community.

Minimalist phone
Beautifully designed minimalist launcher to help reduce screen time and focus on the things that actually matter.

Very efficient in RAM, storage and battery usage, making it an ideal minimalist launcher for almost every Android phone.

No data collected at all. Open source.

Beautiful wallpapers
Enjoy a fresh new wallpaper from us every day because minimal doesn’t mean boring.

Fastest app launch
Our most loved feature. Apps get automatically launched if there’s only one search result. It’s super convenient once you get used to it and super helpful in avoiding getting distracted by other apps.


1. Hidden apps
Long press anywhere on the home screen to open settings. Tap ‘Olauncher’ on the top to see your hidden apps.

2. Navigation gestures
Some devices do not support gestures with downloaded launchers. This can only be fixed by your device manufacturer via an update.

For complete feature list, please visit the About page in Olauncher settings.

It will take you about 2 days to feel how life changing a minimalist launcher can be. So try it today, and tomorrow!
Developer – twitter.com/tanujnotes

Accessibility Service –
Our Accessibility Service is used exclusively to let you turn off your phone’s screen with a double-tap gesture. It is optional, disabled by default and doesn’t collect or share any data.

P.S. Thank you for checking out the description till the end. Only a few very special people do that. Take care!

Olauncher user reviews :

Perfect launcher app that will definitely be the standard for any Android phone I’ll use from now on. On thing I would’ve liked to have would be folders or something of the sort. I only need one to have all of my games in one place. For now I settled for a third party app but if the option was added I’d definitely switch. Something equally minimalistic would do the trick. Perhaps an option in the desktop list that would open up another list. But maybe it defeats the purpose of the app.

Perfect, minimalistic, and beautiful. But there’s one thing that is bugging me, you can’t use gestures, at least on my phone model, Redmi Note 8 Pro. In settings, even tho there are gesture and navigation settings and you can select the gestures navigation, it just doesnt work. Hope you’ll get this fixed, otherwise, great, fast and gorgeously smooth experience and look.

  • Hi, some phones are supporting gesture navigation with third party launchers and we app developers can’t do anything about it. It will be fixed either by Google or your device manufacturer via an update. I hope you understand.

This is the perfect free launcher if you want to cut back on social media and other addicting apps. It’s perfect for what I need and I feel much better using it. Very intuitive except one thing. If you hide an app, long press on the home screen and then tap the olauncher header to find it. I think the app should include a little pop up when you hide an app for the first time. Otherwise perfect, if I could rate it more than 5 stars I would.

  • Thank you very much for the review and your feedback. We’ll see what we can do about the.

so far, pretty good! I only just started experimenting with launchers and custom widgets, and first I started with a more maximalist approach, but that app wasn’t working for me, and when I found this one, I thought “why not?” I do wish there was a weather option, just text with temperature and if there’s any weather happening, either under the time/date or along the bottom of the screen … that would make this app perfect, imo anyway, I like it so far! (it’s especially great for dark mode!)

  • Hi, this is a free app so it has its limitations. Weather, widgets and many other features are available in the pro version called PROlauncher. Please check out the About page in settings for more details. Thank you!

Brilliant! – immediately makes you more intentional use as you have to know what you’ve picked the phone up for to find and open an app. One enhancement I would really like is being able to give apps a category. With a large number of apps I don’t always remember the names of the more obscure or less used ones. Assigning an optional category which, when you search for the category name shows you all the apps you assigned to it would be great. I’m doing this now by renaming but it’s a bit messy!

  • Hi Lisa, thank you for the review. In order to keep things simple for both developers and the users, we won’t be implementing app categories. We hope you understand. Have a great weekend!

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