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[Game] Wing Fighter

Wing FighterWing Fighter is an free classic arcade online shooting game, with epic 3D realistic scene, gorgeous and fascinating combat effects and variety of unique bosses and equipment.

If you loved arcade shooting games as a kid, this retro, vintage game blend modern combat styles would be the perfect game for you!

In every battle of Wing Fighter, You will become an air force pilot, controlling different fighters to fight evil enemies and bosses. It is your mission to defeat them and protect the safety and freedom of the skies! Enemies have invaded, the battle is on the verge of breaking out, come on and start this thrilling combat flight action game now!


Shoot down enemy fighters, challenge powerful and diverse ultimate bosses.
Enrich equipment arsenal, hundreds kinds of equipment to choose. Turn your fighter into flying tank.
Clone skill, furious mode, damage bonus…Choose strong fighters with multiple additional attributes as you wish!
Hundreds of combat buffs, different buffs and attack strategies create different combat experiences.
Complete the mission and unlock battle scenes and levels.
Select multiple activity patterns from normal to nightmare.
Improve fighter power, fight your way to the top of the Leaderboard!
Complete daily missions to gain resources, lots of rewards are waiting for you.
Choose your favorite beautiful pilots and send them out on tasks.
Mysterious talent system that combines Roguelike elements to increase combat power permanently.
Challenge the limit and win big prizes in Endless voyage event.
Easy to operate, no tutorial required.

Enjoy the classic thrilling combat flight action game – Wing Fighter. Don’t let the enemy conquer your freedom, shoot and be ready to attack right now!


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Wing Fighter user reviews :

I really enjoy this game, I play it almost daily. So far it’s challenging without being impossible and the graphics and gameplay are great. However one huge flaw is that it tends to glitch and reset, usually after watching an ad or in the middle of a level. No progress is saved and any items you collect in the level are gone, but the energy spent for the level still gets used.

  • Dear pilot, sorry to make you encounter such a problem. We will check it based on your feedback, and if we find the cause of the problem, we will fix it as soon as possible.

So far so good! I’m always on the lookout for games of this genre. Important points are that I must be able to upgrade my ship, and it’s equipment independently. Games where switching the ship also changes the weapons are just not fun. Also the levels bed to be engaging, and have plenty of juicy sound effects, and visual sparkle. The levels should have a fair bit of challenge without being overwhelming. If I’m dying and I can’t figure out why, that’s a problem. This game delivers handsomely.

This game is fun but the balance is extremely frustrating. You have to have a lot of patience to put up with the INVASIVE ads that are meant to push you into microtransactions. I really hate the upgrade mechanic, even if ads weren’t involved. It totally ruins the flow of the game and interupts me at the worst times, causing me to take serious damage when I wouldn’t have. Yes, I’m sure you are so sorry and you want to provide a quality experience. Ok, replace the in-mission upgrade system.

  • Dear pilot, the recommended power for a stage is set based on the average power of players who have passed that stage. In fact, each player’s actual power through a stage is different due to differences in players’ equipment choices and individual actions. We recommend that you try different types of equipment to pass the stage.

Great shooter game. I like this one better than the first incarnation. The weapons system is much improved as is gameplay. The options for ships, weapons, armor, and the combinations are way better as well. I like that you kept some of the mission layouts and just updated the graphics. The number of missions now is also an appreciated improvement. Kudos y’all. Great job!

This game seems to recycle (pirate?) game resources (and maybe even code?) from the Sky Force series from studio Infinite Dreams. However, those were really fun games, and this plays much the same, but with some graphics noticeably improved and with new features and mechanics. However, the advertisement integration here is ramped up considerably compared to those games, but at least no ads are ever forced on you.

It’s just enjoyable enough too keep me busy and interested and best of all I don’t have to watch ads unless I feel like it. I’d like to add it’s continually challenging and I don’t always have the time to play but to get the most free points and materials it helps to take a few minutes to login and collect your idle rewards to increase your armor fighter power. Or you can purchase a quicker way to the top tier, I personally like to work my way to the top.

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