Winter Solitaire TriPeaks – Get into the holiday spirit

[Game] Winter Solitaire TriPeaks

Winter Solitaire TriPeaksPlay the popular Winter Solitaire game for FREE on your phone!

This new type of solitaire game includes a mode face-up strategy mode. See all the cards, and use that to make the best decision on which card to play next.

Christmas Solitaire will look good and run smoothly on any device, from a phone up to a tablet.The goal of the game is to clear all of the gold cards from the pyramid. Play FREE Winter solitaire. Get into the holiday spirit with our fun ideas for Christmas. Try this enjoyable game and become an expert.

Game features:
Lock and Key
Lucky cards;
portrait modes;
Random deals, each hand is fresh;
Hints can help everyone to play it;
Social sharing;
Feed Fishes
Special bonus system;
Game rules inside the application.

This game is localized into 15 languages. Help us modify translate errors by sending an e-mail to us, Thanks a lot!

Play Winter Solitaire right now and enjoy every moment of the game!

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Winter Solitaire TriPeaks user reviews :

I just started playing this game about an hour or so. so far I have been doing pretty good, and I only bought coins after I’ve played a few levels and make sure if I’m going to keep playing. At this point this game WINTER SOLITAIRE is a keeper. Thanks for asking.

Excellent game but I am extremely dissappointed to see there is no cloud save or fb sign in in order to save progress. Will uninstall for now and check back in the future to see if this feature is added and if it has been I will reinstall.

Just what I was looking for, easy to play, holiday cheer and challenging. Love the prizes and fishbowl extra. Great game!

Awesome game!! There are ads between each hand but they are not long at all. Maybe 10-15 seconds. Great game so far!

I just started this game,it’s enjoyable so far and I enjoy the music, will see if it will stay at 5 stars as I keep playing,but good job so far to the developers

The graphics are cute and game play is smooth. Gets a little harder as you move up levels.

Really a relaxing fun game. Scenery is great. An easy game to play. Graphic is great. Love this game.

I really enjoy this game I play it at least twice a day if not more. It’s very addictive and hard to put down. Would recommend to my family and friends

Very fun and easy to Play. Wasn’t expecting a few surprises but it made playing even more enjoyable.

You guys can get read of half of those ads and it’s causing my phone to misbehave. Good game though.

To many ads. Everytime I would finish around another ad would pop up.

Graphics are great. Nice type of Solitaire with Christmas theme.

super cute and not a ton of intrusive ads. fish bowl is confusing though

I give 4 stars for now cause its still early in the game.I will give 5 stars as long as it diesnt hit me up for money.

great game. love the graphics & of course the fish you collect..

Fun to play, but alittle hard to understand.

Very fun and easy for me I love puzzle games.

Like the game but dont like the constant reminders of how to play. Thats the only reason I didnt give it 5 stars.

I love this game it’s very fun and exciting and exciting also. I would rate this 10 stars. I love this game.

I love this game Have great game and Happy New year and have a great time with the game IAM going to have fun do it it is so much fun playing the game

I am happy with the game and enjoy the challenges of the game.

This would be fun to play fir christmas or fir when there is snow so deep tou can’t go anywhere

this game is very relaxing and lots of fun

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