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[Game] Woodebox Puzzle

Woodebox PuzzleDiscover our beautiful wooden box of puzzles.

Solve the wooden puzzles by fitting the puzzle blocks together over a multitude of brain teasing and challenging levels.

Woodebox is an addictive puzzle solving game, where you place wooden pieces into final shape. By solving Woodebox puzzles, you will be immersed in a gloriously made and addictive puzzle that will exercise your brain and test your logical thinking. Some Woodebox levels are logical, some combine dynamic action moments such as rolling balls. In these levels you will not only be using your logic to solve the puzzle but also working to solve it at speed!

This is a free release of the game and has 99 well crafted and clever levels. You can buy the full version with a larger screen to admire the great graphics in their full glory and not be distracted by those pesky ad banners!

Enjoy our game, if you would like to see any other features, or have any suggestions, please email me at peter.halada@gmail.com.

All special permissions in the game are there because of ads modules, if you want game without these permissions you can buy full version!

We have opened facebook page www.facebook.com/WoodeboxPuzzle accessible from main menu, where you can request hints and we will post it there!

Woodebox Puzzle user reviews :

I really enjoyed this game but for me it was spoiled because I had to use all three sklps because although it was obvious I had placed the shapes correctly they were not accepted so to enable me to go to the next level I had to skip. Shame!!

Every time I get close to finishing a puzzle the game resets it’s self. After it’s reset So many times the game is no longer fun just frustrating. I gave up on level 23 after I had all but one piece done 4 times with the puzzle reseting. I have a galaxy s5

Most awsome game ever heres a hint if you used all your skips uninstall the game and start over.thats what i do.

Enough of a challenge to be interesting. Once I get one, no matter how hard it was…I have to do ‘just one more’

i cannot finish LEVEL 52! i cannot find any solution oso

You can only skip 3 levels so use it very carefully. Haven’t figured out 76 or 88.

Very much fun and you can keep going. Makes you visually think!

The game is mostly fun but trying to maneuver the pieces around each other is annoying and I don’t care for the moving things. Putting the pieces together is fun. Dodging things is not. Don’t like new unexplained permissions

If you provide rotating pieces then game will be more challenging and great fun

I really enjoyed this game untill lvl 69. Been stuck there forever. Looked on the FB page and they have diff, tiles. Update. Reinstalled after update and had less lvls. That’s not cool at all!!!!!

Very fun and addictive game but im stuck on 35, figured out the pattern, but it doesnt want to take me to the next level. Help plz.

Good app. But needs a skip button i’m stuck on level 28 my phone is either far far too slow or I just don’t get it.

Can’t move any piece on this level. Edit: adding another star for the prompt response from the developer

Great cust. service, too. Had a problem and it was fixed within an hour!

The responsiveness of the pieces is a little slow and the current precision to which the pieces have to be placed to win is taking away from the game.

Fun to play, wish the drag was smoother, but that may be my hardware…? Otherwise, works good on Samsung charge Need more levels!!

How the hell do u beat level 35….i had the pieces in the right order but it wouldn’t let me go to 36!! What is it that I am not doing??? Otherwise good game!!!

I did also 27th level,just get latest version and start with left bottom L shaped block:) Super game!.

The UI and graphics give a rich and elegant feel with its wooden textures throughout the game.

Nice concept, but i hate tangram like levels.. If i wanted a tangram, i would install tangram.. No offense, but there needs to be more levels.. Played them all.. Overall, very good game, but having this app installed, eating my memory, waiting for couple more levels with each update.. Sorry, uninstalling..

A nice game, addictive and tough enough. The piece drag should be smoother, they don’t follow the fingertip easily.

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