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[Game] Mos Speedrun

Mos SpeedrunJump, dodge and race Mos through 25 glorious stages of fast paced retro platforming action!

With exceptionally clever level design, gorgeous pixellated graphics and solid platform dynamics you’ll want to keep playing and playing.

Find secret areas, collect the spooky hidden skulls, grab every coin, and, once you get fast, you can try to beat the speed-run time! There really is something for all skill levels, from casual to hard-core gamers.

There are 12 cool costumes to unlock throughout the game, see if you can find every spooky ghost and you’ll get a new costume for each one.

Oh yeah, the amazing chip tune soundtrack will make you weep pixels!

pick this one up with confidence. – ( 4/4 MUST HAVE! )
an instant classic, refuelling our primal gaming needs. – TouchGen ( 4/5 Editors Choice! )
don’t hesitate to give Mos Speedrun a try. – Touch Arcade
it’s one of those games you’ll find yourself continuously playing. –
Fans of tough platformers .. should jump on this deal immediately. – (9/10)
a compulsive race against yourself – (8/10)

RELIVE the golden age of 8 bit graphics and chip tunes!
DIE a lot, and be accompanied through the level by hoards of replay ghosts!
USE the easy to master classic onscreen d-pad.
BE THE BEST and rack up achievements!
FIND the secret ghosts to unlock new costumes!

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Note: The game is designed for phone sized devices so it’s not recommended for tablets at the moment :)

Mos Speedrun user reviews :

New version is working great in game only with controller support for the steel series XL Bluetooth controller! Thanks devs!!!! Excited to replay this great game!!!

  • Hi, I’ve released a new version today with gamepad support – let me know if it works ok with your steel series gamepad, I’ve only tested it on a standard bluetooth controller.

Would have gotten a 5 star review or even a 12 star review if possible since I loved the make so much on the ios platforms but the lack of precise controls on the android absolutely kills the game. It’s free on android, but not in ios, but honestly more worth it on ios because the controls have needed work for a long long time. Please fix.

Loved this game on my iPod, but I wish the Android port’d receive a bit more love. The controls feel too big and awkwardly placed. I’d love to be able to adjust the size and location. The controls also felt slightly unresponsive, but that might have just been me. I think the icon is ugly, make it have rounded corners.

This games seems to wanna be a hardcore platformer like Meat Boy but fails big time just because of the unresponsive controls. It ignores my inputs way too often, and it’s a sin to have such an awful control for a platforming game!

Freezing occurs after beating the level as well as leaving the options menu, shame because it seemed like a pretty fun game.

Sometimes when i play the game and i hit the forward arrow it keeps going forward even when I take my finger off. So now I can’t get past this 1 level. Please fix

But when i try to open this on my phone (lg g3) it just closes before its done loading. I was able to play it on an iPad and it was fun. I just can’t get it on my phone

  • We’ve just released a new build that will hopefully work on modern android devices – it should be available very soon. If you find it helps we would appreciate it if you could improve your review rating

This game has so much going on! This isn’t just some lame flapping bird game, this is much better!! I love the layout and design.

Great game to practice speedruns! (Also checkout the group “SpeedRun” on Palringo for helpful tips and support)

Could be good if when I pressed a direction half the time it would stay pressed so aggravating couldn’t stop moving!!!

This game is awesome! I didn’t even realize it got ported to Android. So happy i found it. So much fun!

But is it just me or does anyone else play these type of games waaaaay too much and complete them in a few days and than wish there were more levels? :( Amazing work on this game Peace

This is a superb game but sometimes the controls get stuck and I lose … otherwise its great

This is the best platformer i hav played yet its super cool awesome and its replay quality is even more fantastic…..must hav in ur phone. Awesome

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