Woody Blast – Think strategically to overcome various blockers

[Game] Woody Blast

Woody BlastWelcome to a simple and fun matching puzzle game, Woody Blast!

Download now to experience new levels and challenges!

FREE TO PLAY – So download and eojoy!
SUPER EASY – Just tap to match and pop! Of course, it’s hard to master!
MATCH-3 GAMES – Match and tap colorful puzzle pieces to save cute friends and clear blockers!
BUILD POWER-UPS – Tap 5 or more pieces to merge them into Power-ups that will help you reach your goals!
MERGE POWER-UPS – Find various power-up combo to unleash even more power!
BRAIN TEASERS – You need to think strategically to overcome various blockers!
EFFECTIVE BOOSTERS – Special boosters will help you when you’re in a pinch!
MORE CHALLENGES – Harder levels, more stars! Win challenging levels!
COMPETITIVE EVENTS – Win the Pony Race & League Cup and get more rewards!
HUGE REWARDS – Play every day and win tons of rewards!
TIMED LIFE – Out of Lives? As you play the game, you’ll gain partial lives from various events!
NO TIME LIMIT – Just go at your own pace!
NO WI-FI – You can play without an internet connection!
DEVICES SUPPORT – Available for both phones and tablets!
LANGUAGE SUPPORT – We support Korean, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese!

RECOMMENDED AGES – This game is not intended for children as it requires a high-level of understanding to solve certain puzzles. Recommended for ages 13 and older to play!
IN-APP PURCHASES – This game is free to play, but all in-app items such as packages and coins are available through purchase.
IN-APP ADS – Rewarded Ads and Interstitial Ads are included in the game. The Ads will be removed when you purchase any items, including our restorable “Remove Ads”.

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Woody Blast user reviews :

Absolutely love this game, but never experienced a game that actively tries to keep you from making a purchase. I keep getting messages that the selected package isn’t available – very frustrating!

Game has cute graphics. It is challenging and requires you to take your time, in your moves in higher levels. Then it’s same ol same ol. You have 1-2 moves left,you need to buy more lives. Happens more times than not. {Most games end up this way. I just gave expecting different.} Again it’s fun, good graphics, lots of competitions to take part in. Nice way to pass time when needed/wanted. Worth a shot.

  • Hello! Thank you for your detailed review. We’re delighted to hear you appreciate the graphics and challenges of our game. We always aim to balance the level of challenge and enjoyment, and your feedback helps us do just that. Feel free to reach out at support[at]dream-o.com with any suggestions you might have. Happy gaming! – Lucas

Nice games. You have the option to get rid of ads that I really like. I can play for hours.

Yes I love this beautiful apps games called Woody Blast and I hope that there’s a chance for challenge and join the team mates with beautiful game on it

I like games that let you play them when you want and that let you play as long as you want. This has great gameplay lots of challenges and lots of rewards, but if I can’t play the game (obviously without spending money) then what’s the point?

  • Hi Kristine! Thank you for your feedback. I understand your concern that the game requires in-app purchases to play. Our team is trying to achieve the difficult goal of providing an appropriate level of difficulty to suit everyone’s puzzle-solving skills. We will continue to work towards that objective with dedication. – Lucas, PD

great game you get coins for winning a level…change it up some

  • Hi Margaret, Thanks for your good review. what can we do better to earn a 5 star rating? Please let us know at support[at]dream-o.com. – Lucas, PD

Game is good but I keep having to start a level over because of game freezing all the time

Good game, but levels are limited n u have to wait for new level releases

  • Hi karma, Thanks for supporting us and I am sorry for Ads. Don’t forget that there is an option to “Remove Ads” through in-app purchases in the Shop. We will try to keep the Ads from interfering the game-play. 🥸 Please let us know if you have any questions. – Lucas, PD

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