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Word BoardDo you play word puzzles? Are you a fan of word games?

Word Board is a BRAND NEW & CREATIVE word game for FREE! There is a board with blocks and letters for each level, you will get Star Chests with amazing gifts by swiping the letters to form enough words. You can collect the new boards and customize different boards in the game after you get enough stars.


Search words on the letter block square according to the clue(s)
Swipe letters horizontally or vertically to find and collect words
Tap the “Search”, “Hint” or “Shuffle” buttons when you get stuck
Unlock beautiful themes by getting enough stars
Find the “Bonus Words” which are not presented in the answers

Send your e-mails to support[at]wordboard.freshdesk.com
If you want to send feedback about certain levels, you can also use the “Level Review” to write and send your opinions or ideas.

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Word Board user reviews :

Haven’t been playing it very long, probably less than 20 games but more than 10 and got this rate me pop up. Thus far I have not had one ad interrupt my game yet or one ad pop up between games. Unfortunately too many times after you rate a game. Then you see all the ads start popping up. If this is the case I will come back and drop my rating and delete this game but so far very good.

Word Board is a FANTASTIC word game! It is also highly addictive – once you start playing it is difficult to put down! Lots of ways of earning coins, themes, backgrounds and there are lots of help options. The sounds and graphics are great too. When I first started playing this game after installing, I played for hours. It is REALLY fun! One big plus – no annoying ads to disrupt play. A very good game to share and play with family and friends. Word Board is awesome! Enjoy!!!

Was quite enjoying it, got to level 124 and it’s frozen. Lets me select the words but doesn’t put them into the grid. If i leave & rejoin the game it’s moved the word into the grid but not taken it from the main word area so you can’t continue. Waited for it to resolve but noticed that others are having the same problem. All you’re saying to everyone is reboot or send a screen shot but there’s no improvement so I’ve uninstalled it. Game over! Rubbish!

  • Very sorry for the inconvenience, Caroline. This issue has already been fixed. Could you try to update to the latest version? If it still happens, please let us know. Thanks for your support!

So. Many. Ads. Vaguely cute game, but the ads. During a level. After a level. I played 25 levels in 10 minutes. The ads took longer than the game. Not to mention, the same puzzles kept coming up over and over. This game might be good for 10 year olds, but is a wash if you have an ID better than a tomato.

  • Thanks for your feedback. We will continuously improve the gaming and ads experience in later versions. What’s more, we’re looking forward to your continued support!

Love this game but now it has frozen on me. I made it to level 141 but it has jumped back to level 22 and it will not do anything. I’ve tried rebooting my device, reopening the game and it’s still frozen and it’s frustrating because it’s a really good game..

  • Thanks a lot for your feedback, Debra. We’d like to fix the issue you mentioned above. Could you email a screenshot or video to show this issue? This will help us to find the problem and solve it. Thanks!

You get a bunch of answers at the bottom of your question,you got to unscramble the answer to complete the question, it’s a good game for everyone to try,keeps the brain working,and helps with your vocabulary too,very minimal ads, recommended

It is a really nice game but its problem is whenever you get something right,it will say wrong I am changing it to 3 stars.It really annoys me and for your own management of data,I recommend you should not download this game. THANKYOU

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