Word Connect – Improves your vocabulary and spelling skills

[Game] Word Connect

Word Connect  Fun and challenging Word Connect Game.

Challenge your brain and learn new words with this word puzzle game.
Word Connect Games is an fun and incredible crossword puzzle game that improves your vocabulary and spelling skills.

This crossword puzzle is easy to get started and becomes more challenging as you play!
Play this word search and crossword word game while inspiring your word level.


Slide letter blocks to find correct word.
Collect extra words to get bonus coins.
Find all words and fill in the crossword blank space.


Fun and addictive word search game!
Completely free to play word games!
Free 500 gold coins for the crossword puzzle.
Amazing spelling word search games for all ages!
No time limit for playing offline games at any time.
Reward free gold coins daily for the best word game.
More than 3000 well-designed challenge levels in word puzzle.

Now start your wonderful word connection journey with word puzzle game.

Word Connect user reviews :

Good game. At present time, level 180, ads are minimal. Every 2 or three rounds, there is a reasonable 5 second ad. There is also a small ad in the bottom of the screen. If this continues, I probably will buy the ad free version to show appreciation for the development of a reasonable example of how ads can be placed in an app without pissing off the user. Good job.

I really like this game. Makes you doubt yourself when you can’t find the final word. Enjoyable and only a few ads. This is my second post (it’s now 1st November 2021) because I transferred this game to my new phone and lost the 63,000 points I’d previously accumulated. So, starting from scratch, here I go again. It’s still a good game though…..

After the first few games this became my favorite word game of all time! It started out too easy and I thought it was going to be deleted soon. Then the more challenging games began and I was in heaven! I have to question the game’s dictionary at times though. And they don’t let you use words you have successfully used in the past all the time. The acceptable words for each game can be different. But if they have accepted words past games they will allow them as extra words. My all time go-to!!!

First it looked way too easy but then the last word was very hard to figure out. No ads between games and pretty music serenades you as you’re playing. This is the only game out of several others I tried that I haven’t uninstalled.

The absolute best game of this type I have found in years of searching. Brilliantly simple to play with 6200 levels! Nothing else comes near it. If developer adds the ability to make a donation for his efforts, I will make one!

I would give 5 except for 1 painful piece. When ads come on if I’m listening to music the ad takes over. Nothing like listening to my favorite metal and an ad blasts in and a faint white speaker on a white background appears. Where’s the permission to turn that off? Please? Fun, simple and very enjoyable game.

The app has some words which is not available even in dictionary. Some times, it refuses to accept what we select. If we take help the same word it regected is being suggested

If you want a brilliant word game that starts quite easy then challenges you with a built in dictionary hardly an any ads or game promotions and realy easy for over 50s then install this game . Best I’ve played and I’ve tried a lot but I m keeping this one,,!!!

I play word games a lot. What I like about this game, and how it differs from others, is the use of words such as DRUID and BLITZ. I enjoy being pushed with unexpected words.

This is the best and amazing app I’m addicted to play every day. But there should be daily challenge for us. I recommend it to anyone who likes games.

I enjoy your game; BUT, it frustrates me more and more that the word list is SOOOO limited!!! I am at the Senior game level and shaking my head that correctly spelled words are NOT counted towards extra points. Recently, some puzzles do not use all the letters for the final “big” word. Is this intentional? For example, level 3712 you can spell “origami” with all the letters but its not used in the game OR counted as an “extra” word. WHY??????
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  • Thank you for your valuable comments. We will let developers fix this problem as soon as possible.

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