Run Words – Exercise your typing speed

[Game] Run Words – Type Race Word Game, Fast Typing Puzzle

Run Words  Are you a good typist?

Can you type the words you want to express quickly and accurately? Run Words can not only exercise your typing speed, but also exercise your brain speed when you typing quickly, so that you can making your input information more faster and more accurate.


At the beginning of the game, you will stand on the same starting line with other players and prepare to start the race after the countdown of 3 seconds.
Each player has his own text track, you need to open the keyboard to input the words on the track.
The faster you type, the faster you run. The more accurate the words you enter, the higher your score, and you will get a combo if you enter correctly continuously.
When you reach the goal, the game will stop and the score will be settled.
In addition, in the ranked mode, you will also count your ranking, score and accuracy in the previous game.

Game features:

Exercise eyesight and typing speed
Support all keyboards
Games that can be played without internet
You can play alone or compete with your friends
Simple to play, as long as you can type
Simple interface and clear functions
Support multiple devices such as mobile phones and tablets
Can effectively improve the speed of your typing
Kill time and relieve pressure from work and life
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Fast Typing is the key to success in our typing games, and fast typing will also improve your fast writing skills. Run Words is suitable for everyone who likes typing and needs to improve their typing skills! Are you ready for super fast typing?

Run Words user reviews :

I could give it a four or a five star but unfortunately people will think this game is good but it actually does not type the letter you type sometimes it is really annoying it would really help if the owner of this app would fix it but as you are master at doing typing and things like that i’m laptops computers and things you would probly be able to do it if you know where all the keys are closing your eyes but it impossible in one of the rounds not to get at least one letter wrong! from me

It is overall a VERY nice game. i gave this a 5 star because it did help me improve my typing accuracy and speed. I think it is great that there is a variety of options to choose from, though my personal favorite was deffinatly typing.

I like this game, overall when I click a letter it dosent let me. I would’ve gave this game 5 stars, but for now its fine. if you fix this that would help alot!

Tried it, and found it annoying that I outpaced the game… For example, I would type “chocolates” and the game would think I made a mistake because I was on the t when the game was still processing the second c. So I’d end up a half word back and have to do a double-take to start again. And no, I did not make an error… I’m quite an accurate typist, and it happened consistently, even with some of the shorter words.

Like you want to enjoy speed typing but the characters slows down because you cant speed your typing beacuse the game will not respond to letters slowwww!!!!!!!!!

this is the best game ever but it can be slow but there is very little adds and yeah I recommend this game

This is a nice game, but my problem is, when i type its always late, and theres so many ads after the game, i type fast, it will like red the letter, but i already pressed the letter.

wonderful game features is very good who want learn typing definitely play this game I think this game is very good

this is a great app, I just love it. In one game there are many types of games, before downloading I didn’t thought the this game has this many games

It is beautiful fame in which typing speed will increase and there will be no spelling mistake in my future. l love this when l saw it for the first time in the ad l just thought that l should download this game and it’s fun!

its a good game I have been using run words for like 10 times already even im just new, I like this so keep it up!

This game is very enjoyable and it makes our typing speed like really fast so that’s why i gave 5 stars for this game

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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