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Word Lots  Playing Word Lots 10 mins a day sharpens your mind and prepares you for your daily life and challenges!

Word Lots is a crossword game. Over 100 million people just can’t stop playing crossword game!

It’s a perfect fit for fans of crossword, word connect and word anagram games.


Challenge your brain and vocabulary by connecting letters and finding as many hidden words as you can!
Over 5,000 crossword puzzles.
Unlock stunning landscape backgrounds to escape and relax your brain.
Simply fun and relaxation!
Free to play.

Enjoy modern word puzzles with the best of word searching, anagrams, and crosswords!

Word Lots user reviews :

I type in the same words over and over and over!!!!! Then, after I have had to spend my coins and have none left, the word is suddenly the one I need. Come on!!! Then I have to watch a ton of ads to get more and the same thing happens all over again. Frustrating. Also… This was not the game advertised when I downloaded the app!!!
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  • Hi Anne, we are sorry for the trouble. Would you please sent us a screenshot or shot video when this situation happen? We will further investigate the issue and help you. You can email us at coloringapps2018[at]gmail.com. Ad shows some special events that will be unlocked in future. Thank you.
Word Lots is a quick exercise of letter-to-word usage. It’s a word search experience using a crossword puzzle format. Use the letters supplied to form words, and use the spaces allotted to guide in resolution. You may conjure more words than the puzzle currently supports. But the exercise within the content is light, reflective, and fun. Best wishes on your Word Lots quests.
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  • Thank you so much for your review! We are glad that you are enjoying the game. We will keep improving our game and providing you better experience!
Is awesome. I’ve been on some games that put ads right in the middle of the game. Having an ad after every level is fine with me. My experience here has been an ad comes on and it usually has an x and I can exit out almost immediately. There’s only 1 or 2 ads to make you wait a # of seconds before you can get back in the game. I don’t play the piggy bank because I believe I earned those points by playing the game I should not have to pay for the piggy bank. love the game don’t change it.
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  • Hi Susan! We are glad that you are enjoying our game. It’ s very nice of you to share your experience on how to deal with ads. :) Thank you so much for your understanding. We will keep improving the game and provide you better experience.

Like the word game , it really shows how many can come from the same letters. I love the changing scenery as you move through the sets. One disappointment and this did not only happen with yours, is what I thought I was downloading was not what was presented after the download.

UPDATE – Ok, I’m now on level 18. After finishing each level, it goes to”AD BREAK”. So far an enjoyable game. I have noticed that when I type in a word, it takes about 3 tries to finally except the word. At first I thought I was going crazy so I had a family member watch me. And yay, I wasn’t going crazy. It did this on few of the levels and I’m only on level 18. Hopefully it won’t get to much harder and challenging. I will post updates.

Pretty much the same as wordscapes or any other puzzle word game, but with an ad after every level. If you solve these relatively quickly its going to get annoying very fast, and no one is going to pay any money into this game to remove ads or buy power ups when you can just use a free word unscrambler online. Cheers.

Word Lots consists of lots of spelling. With a beautiful background that changes with the level the more that’s continued,a soft sound of music (not a particular song) and 3D surrounding of birds flying across the sky in 1 of the scenes. With a hint light bulb & a button to tap for switching the letters around.

This is a fairly easy word game. The first 10 levels I had no ads. After that there is an ad after every game. The first time I played this the game froze at Level 200. This time I quit because there are just too many ads.

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