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[Game] Wordly – Daily Word Puzzle

WordlyWordly the daily word puzzle! Wordly is in your pocket now.

Come back every day for a new challenge, or play custom puzzles as many times as you’d like

Guess a word and use the tile colors to help guide your next decision. You get 6 tries to guess the correct word

If you enjoy Scrabble, crosswords, or just about any word game, you will enjoy Wordly

Also includes custom puzzles so you can try wordly with more than 5 letters

More content coming in each update

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Wordly user reviews :

I don’t really appreciate having to watch an ad to play this now, but I can deal with one. The problem I’m having is that the ads are broken, they either freeze my phone, take a minute long, or the worst was that it downloaded some game app onto my phone without my permission! I’m done. I always pictured the creator as someone who did this for fun, but of course, that has changed to greed.

I’ve been really enjoying playing this game daily for some time. But I have to say that the update that requires watching an ad in order to play the daily word is quite frustrating. I’ve elected to watch plenty of advertisements in order to play extra rounds. I can understand that! But watching a 30 second ad in order to play the word of the day (that sometimes doesn’t even take 30 seconds) may be enough to cause me to stop playing altogether.

I used to love playing the daily puzzle everyday for this app. I have been playing daily for over a year now. Unfortunately, with the most recent update I cannot play the daily puzzle unless I watch an Ad first or pay $10. I don’t know what it is about ads that play before the puzzle but it turns me off to the whole thing and makes me not even want to play it. I think an Ad at the completion of a puzzle is much more tolerable. It’s sad that I have to look elsewhere for a new daily puzzle now.

A few weeks back, the word of the day was not a real word, and I, like many others, didn’t get it right. Wordly stepped up and offered to adjust everyone’s records…..Yea for us. Only, since then, every time I open the app, it’s been telling me that I have already completed the daily puzzle even though I didn’t. I see a countdown timer with random amounts of time left. Please fix this. I have the latest version installed.

Although I thought the “havoc” I left on my last rating was funny. Tech Tree Games was quick to fix the fault. So I have updated my review. I have played the word of the day, as an on going competition with my husband and brother in law, for a year. We are very competitive and this game is challenging in a way that we can’t resist. I have taken 2 stars off for the TWO adds we now have to endure to play daily word. They are annoyingly long as well.

  • Sorry about our mistake regarding the daily word. The correct answer was indeed set to “HAVOK” which is mispelled. Please update the game to the newest version (v1.0.3) from the google play store and it will fix the word and may fix your streak as well if updated soon enough

I used to like it I love the simple interface. There is one thing that made me uninstall: you can’t continue a streak across devices. my phone died and I got one to hold me over to the new pixel this fall. have to start a streak over, just to start it over again this fall sucks, and it’s not like this is a unique game.

Fixed when uninstalled beta and original reloaded. On entering worldly in the last couple of weeks sent me to a screen where I had to watch an add or pay $9.99 to remove all adds for ever. Never used to do that, so uninstalled and reinstalled, got beta version only, and same thing happing. My partner does not have this problem and goes straight onto the daily word. Please fix.

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