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Word SpellsPlaying our word game for 10 minutes a day will train your brain.

Word puzzle game Word Spells tests your vocabulary. Challenging levels and fun wonders are in store for you! Drag your finger across the screen to combine letters into words, and find all the words hidden in each level!


It’s a beautiful, fun word puzzle game for free
We’ve created over 5,000 incredible crossword puzzles for you
The difficulty of word games increases with each level: our word game will keep you entertained
Free word games offer a great workout for your brain
Solve crossword puzzle and learn new words while you play
Enjoy word connect, solve crossword puzzles
Innovative word find games that make solving crossword puzzle more fun than ever
Evaluate your language skills by guessing word puzzles
Explore fun fairy-tale word puzzle locations filled with hundreds of word collect levels
Get additional coins for word collect


Help Amelia, a trainee witch, overcome difficulties with word connect, meet new characters and solve their problems to earn their trust and make friends in word games for free. Amelia is really counting on your help!


After you try out our fun word puzzles and word games for free, you’ll never be bored! Once you start solving our crossword puzzles, you won’t be able to stop opening our word games for free.

Word find games Word Spells are perfect for lovers of free word games, word search games and word anagrams. It combines the best of each! That’s not to mention the incredible locations you can visit to relax solving free word games!

Enjoy captivating word games for free, full of all kinds of word collect levels and word puzzles. Each crossword puzzle and each word connect level with crosswords will bring you a mountain of fun!


You can play word find games offline, which make it extra-special and, more importantly, good for having fun and finding words on-the-go.

Word games are available in the following languages:

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Word Spells user reviews :

Really nice word game. Straight forward and i love the witch theme. Happy that I found this one. Hardly any ads i bought the no ads purchase and its fairly priced compared to other games in this genre. Definitely recommend i love this game and it’s now the only one i play in this genre!

  • Thanks for the positive review! We hope you continue enjoying the game.

This game is probably okay for kids but for adults the cartoonish witch and other animated interuptions, videos with hard to make work return-to-game functions (bugs or intentional?) and “you might like this…” (even after paying the ad-free version fee) distractions between last and next word searches are annoying. Unfortunately, will be uninstalling.

  • Thank you for your message! We’re sorry that your rating is so low. We’ll definitely discuss raised issues with our developers team.

This is what I was looking for a word game. Game is straightforward and I really love the graphics and the music. I only gave 3 stars for the unskippable ad. Looking forward for future updates. Will definitely change my review! Edited: There are levels that is keep on repeating. Please we want new words and not the one that we’ve alredy solved..

  • Thank you for the feedback! We’re sorry you’re upset with the ads. You can turn ads off by making in-game purchases or playing off-line. We are continuously working on game improving, hope that following updates will deserve better rating.

I love this game. It’s more complex than some others, and it doesn’t have an extraordinary amount of ads. Update.6/11/23. Still loving this game. Just finished level 7643. I am 79 and I’ve been doing crosswords since I was 14. I have played many other crossword games, but this is definitely becoming my favorite. I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Thank you for the positive feedback!

Love the colors in it, big letters, very easy to see, a lot of options to win free minutes. I love this game, it’s relaxing while you enjoy yourself

  • Thanks for the positive review! We hope you continue enjoying the game.

You need to have options available… Beginners, Expert, Master regarding word levels. But it’s a relaxing game to enjoy.

  • Thank you for the feedback! We will consider your suggestion with our developers team.

I’ve gone through loads of word games. Most of them are fine,except they have loads of ads and charge around $10 to get rid of them. This one charges a very low fee to get rid of ads. The play itself is fun. There’s a space for bonus words and and daily quests for bonus points. I really enjoy this game.

  • Thanks for the positive review! We hope you continue enjoying the game.

It’s a very fun game, but it could stand to be able to appropriate age level. Needs more challenging puzzles

  • Thank you for the feedback! We will to pass it to our developers team.

Love everything about this game…. Navigational friendly….. Very quick to Karen the gaming process for this platform. Very intriguing and engaging which is so important to word geniuses like myself. Can’t wait to see what y’all do with this game next!!!! Keep up great and fantastic work!!!!!

  • Thank you for the positive feedback! We will be happy to pass it to the developers. Stay with us, good luck!

It’s not tedious at all. It’s relaxing and keeps the old brain holding on to ordinary words. It entertains with nice graphics. It’s fun.

  • Thanks for the positive review! We hope you continue enjoying the game.

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