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World NewspapersNumber 1 News App in Android Market!!

Easy to use directory of thousands of local and international newspapers, magazines and websites.
More than 6000 WORLDWIDE newspapers, websites and magazines
links at your fingertips optimied for your android phone.
A must have for news junkies.

More than 105 countries and 6000 paper links.
Video News
Browse by country and categories
RSS reader with smart search & offline reading
Favourites(customizable), Share & History
Search for newspapers
Translate webpages
Download webpages for offline viewing
Submit a newspaper
Personalised settings
View non-mobile sites

Your newspaper to go app!

World Newspapers user reviews :

It’s great to have news from other countries. It’s also very interesting to see what news is reported in some countries and not reported in our own country Australia. Especially political views. Reading news from a number of countries gives you a better balanced view of world affairs. That’s where this app is excellent.

I love this app because you are able to read the latest news also from anywhere in this world right from your phone. I’m still enjoying this app on my phone. But I think that there is a glitch On My Tablet with this app and some other apps since I had them downloaded for over a year with no problems at all. Great app !

Have been using this app for over 10 years. Truly appreciate the simple, easy UI and reliability of the browser. Thank you for keeping this up especially since it’s never been more important to have a variety of different news sources and perspectives.

Great App, has a lot of resources from around the globe. Its free which is also good. The only thing which is missing and could be quite useful might be “share to someone” News button. Many Thanks!

The issue I faced were gone. And I am thankful for it. While reading a certain newspaper, it says Login to read more on certain articles. I wish that thing goes away and I can continue to read it in the app itself. Thank you.

  • These ads are from newspapers itself.

Great App. Gets the job done. Administrators should check all Florida links, there’s quite a number of them that are no longer accessible or the urls have changed. Many thanks for creating it.

It has all the papers. So it does what it claims. But it has no dark mode. Its too bright. Most importantly, there is no option to make articles open via your favorite browser.

An excellent and organised mode of access to some of the world’s most popular and diverse media sources – don’t forget to translate the pages you can’t read.

just two things wrong here, when I download a paper and read it offline, I scrolly and story pictures dont come up, second thing, I can’t delete a paper after I’ve read it, other than that, offline access I’d way more quicker than online access.

Has occasional service interruptions, otherwise works as expected. Really like the variety of reading material.

limited variety of publications. often tech magazines are not available for display. certainly not a one-stop news application for this avid reader

Very good app, but should show the news of all favourited sites chronologically… Like on one screen instead of having to view one news site at a time.

I downloaded this because it seemed interesting and it is actually very cool there is a big variety if newspapers worldwide but a lot of English ones in general but that’s okay also for some reason a pop-up said my device has a virus so i had to uninstall it just in case

  • Thanks for feedback. Which newspaper said it? Please note that those are popup ads from nrwspapers themselves, we dont control it.

The few international papers I read are always available and updated. Never had a problem getting into app.

All my best magazines at one place and free of cost. App loads the pages quick and has almost known magazines from different countries and languages

The app is working fine and very easy to navigate as you peruse news from different countries of your choice and so I give it a deserving five star. Thank you

I always had a struggle in finding news on the web. This app give me a real experience of reading different journals. Thanks

This app is really simple and efficient but several mobile newspaper websites are not loading.please consider solving this issue also I would appreciate if you include more news websites as I couldn’t find some really popular ones.

Great stable app. Allows you to view multiple news sites at the same time. Can share from inside the app.

Really useful app, can read papers & magazines from across the globe. And it’s free.

Plenty of sources that drew me to the app but just got fed up of irritating except cookies pop ups. I know this is common on lots of apps but I am using the app to get the news not to have my web activity tracked.

  • Like i said, it is the newspaper itself. We do not track anything. The cookie pop up is annoying but they have to do it by law.

Excellent app, very easy to use with a colossal range of papers and magazines from around the world

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