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[Game] World Of Wizards

World Of WizardsLove MOBA games? Ready for PvP action?

World of Wizards brings you a unique realtime 2v2 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) gameplay with magic spells, wizards and amazing graphics!

Call on your teammates to join you in the spells of magic! Defeat your enemies in classic 2v2 combat in realtime! Engage in wizard wars, lead your team, and obtain legendary status in the arena!

Jump right into the action! Pick up your mobile and get ready to use some magic!

2v2 MOBA realtime battles
Clash against other players and engage in epic wizard wars. World of Wizards brings you amazing graphics with a unique MOBA gameplay that will leave you in a magical spell.

Realtime MOBA Experience
Unleash powerful spells of magic in this glorious wizard battle. Use magic potions to boost your powers and become the master of all wizards. Level up and get plenty of rewards to lead your team to legendary status.

Magical Characters
Freeze and crush your enemies with the Wizard. Unleash the power of fire and nature with the Shaman. Assist your allies with the magical healing powers of the Priest. Bring destruction with the foul and dark magic of the Warlock. Or deceive and annihilate your foes with the arcane spells of the Sorcerer.

Do you have the magical touch?
In World of Wizards, it’s all about skill. We strive to create the most riveting and unique gameplay, so you can turn the tide of battle and vie for glory no matter the odds. Win or lose, every action counts!

Quick setup, easy to start. No boring tutorial sessions.

Do you have enough valor to take on the World of Wizards?

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World Of Wizards user reviews :

Excellent concept and gameplay. The classes, skills, and talents and enough playing around to suit your style. My only problem is that this is very much pay2win. Some players with a lower level than me deal 2-3 more times the damage, which is silly. Also it appears the devs dropped updating this game so what you see now is what you get. If these two things are worked on by allowing leveling up by simply doing battles it would balance it out a bit.

(1)Too many unskipable ads. It makes you watch more ads rather than playing. (2)Has problems with the server. In contrast to mmorpg games I’ve played, it shows an internet connection delay when moving and casting spells. (3)I don’t like the idea of gaining experience points by only upgrading spells and not by playing matches. I really like the concept of the game but it would be better if you kindly fix these issue.

So far it’s an excellent game but the account leveling process is too bad. We need to level up skills in order to increase our level. It will be better if more characters are added and change the leveling system than i can say it will attract more people to download.

Good game, with Tons of bugs to be fixed. I’m leaving my rating low to bring attention to these issues. 1) Lots of newbies don’t know how to gain XP to level up, a tutorial or a short text exclaining this is needed. 2) 4 out of 5 heroes don’t have the stated class benefits or only partially (shaman health:yes but no SP) 3)sometimes my shots deal 10x their normal damage and players seem almost invulnerable to my shots otherwise (these happen in about 10% of the matches: ALL players are bugged).

Its super fun to play and easy. Id give it 5 star however its missing a few features i think are essential. 1 massaging between friends, 2 and this one can be done with updates, new classes as well as making the wait times shorter with the chests or perhapes alwoing ust to be able to open 2 at once while be able to hold 10 in total.

it has potential. right now the devs are just trying to make money so its very pay to win. but it definitely has potential. if they fixed the ranking system so you can only play against people of your rank ide change to 5 star but as of right now its pay to win and theres a few people who have spent a few hundred at least with over 100k trophies and their always online, dominating the ranked games.

wizard dueling game done right fast pace doesn’t wizards to choose from each having their own special ability. Timed chests are about the only thing that im not crazy about cause you won the chest in battle shouldn’t have to wait to get your rewards. All and all good game. Love the variety of spells. Makes other wizard duel games look very slow and painful. It’s worth the time to check it out you won’t regret it

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