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[Game] Pocket Quest Merge RPG

Pocket Quest Merge RPGA brand new adventure awaits in this roguelite idle RPG!

Collect as much coins and loot as you can each run and compete for the high score!

Build your own world by placing buildings, terrain, and enemies to master the loop!

Collect powerful artifacts and talents to grow permanently stronger and increase your chances of survival!

Explore different worlds with hundreds of monsters, no adventure is ever the same twice!

Pocket Quest Merge RPG user reviews :

The game is great with fun auto brawling mechanics that battle on a loop around a map that you create. It’s fun to plan out where things will go to give you the best buffs possible, and I like merging the decorations to power them up. The abilities are fun and I recommend a counter-attack focussed run as it’s really good. Also the base upgrading system changes how it looks with every upgrade which is a great feature. It looks so cool to see things evolve with each level.

I really ended up liking this game! It has a lot of different aspects to it with roguelike elements, character building, and a good sense of overall progression. I don’t have many complaints, ads are at you discretion and have not become necessary. Sometimes sessions can be a bit long, but even that’s refreshing when you’re wanting a meatier game to play on mobile.

Got hooked in the first 5 minutes of playing! The game incorporates various game mechanics that work really well together. As the battle plays out, you merge tiles, select upgrades, and equip gear to boost the stats you want. I like how there’s a mix of choice and chance, so each round is different and you have to work with what you get, but you still have options as to which stats you want to focus on upgrading (e.g. defense, attack, counter-attack) or a mix of them. 10/10 would recommend!!!

This is an EXCELLENT GAME! I love it. Really. FUN, Great time killer and it’s challe going, but not in an overall frustrating way. I like that the challenge mode is doable for anyone regardless of level. One suggestion would be to up the talent point acquisition, which the Devs are a little stingy with. I beaten every level available and I’m still like 25 talent points away from maxing out.

It starts fun, but starting at level 17 or so, it becomes extremely hard to beat the level. I’m currently on level 19 and it’s taken me 50+ times of grinding, and still unable to get past 19-5 sublevel. It’s great to introduce some difficulty to games, but this just makes it impossible to beat the game without grinding for hundreds of times.

3* since the game is kind of fun, -2* since I’ve been stuck on level 19 for more than a month no matter what combination of gear I use. Balance feels way off, even getting good rng and getting the right buffs you still get smacked in the mouth in round 4 especially when rare enemies start spawning and you don’t have strong enough equipment

Really fun, definitely a cool mix of different features. Just beat level 21 though, and there’s nothing else to do, aside from daily challenges, which are typically very easy.

I absolutely LOVE this game. At some levels it gets grindy. I’ve spent a solid week on one level but it’s never frustrating and it’s genuenly fun so it didn’t bother me. It’s so much fun but unfortunately very short. 21 levels I believe, and I could easily do 21 more. It has a daily level to gain some gems which is always fun to just kill 10-15 min. But man I wish there was more. This game gives you that itch most of these games do but doesn’t force you out with pay-to-win aspect. It’s amazing.

Nice game, but overall fairly short. Finished the 21 levels currently available without really pushing. Hoping that more get added soon. edit: several months and several updates later and still no new levels. dropped a star since game content doesn’t seem to be being updated. edit 2: several more months with many more updates and still no new content. I guess it’s time to give up hope and uninstall. Really enjoyed this game for the short time it lasted. Just wish the developer had added more.

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