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Wrestling GMGet ready to embark on a GM experience you’ve never had before.

The Wrestling GM universe contains 20 wrestling companies that span over the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Japan. Take helm of any wrestling organization and control their direction and fate.

Each company is unique in their audience, rich history, and roster-base. Some companies are newer and have a younger roster-base whereas others are mature in their business and have already made it to a global scale. Some companies have audiences that prefer pure wrestling spectacles, some that prefer rough-and-tumble brawls, and some that prefer an entertainment-oriented show.

Your job as the general manager is to put on the most captivating shows possible for each unique and existing fanbase. With great responsibility comes great power. Your say is final. Pick how each show plays out – who fights who, who is the champion, and how each wrestler’s career evolves over time. The cards are all yours to play. As long as you remember that the fans are the ones that you must win over, in the end.

The WrestlingGM community, live dev updates, and more info about the brand can be found: www.sickogames.io/

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Wrestling GM user reviews :

Genuinely great game. Probably the most accessible booking simulator out there, making it perfect for playing on the go. Could use more options for cheating during matches and such. The only real complaint I have for it is the pricing. There are many separate purchases you have to make to get the most out of the game. It’d be really nice if you could just have a larger one time purchase, maybe $25, that unlocks all the regions and all the premium stuff. Great game overall!

Well, I’ve been playing this since last June and it’s really good, playing it out from the start is a blast and with new features it’s been better, however a LOT of options and mechanics are now locked behind a paywall which is a big downer. Constantly having to get your wallet out for a new wrestler, to see certain championship reigns, it’s unfortunate, I’m starting to get wwe 2018 vibes.

Decent game however you’ve removed quite alot of stuff and now expect us to pay for them. For example some match types and angles seem to have been restricted and I think the price of £15 is very expensive. Its one of the most expensive games I’ve seen on here. Also the daily gifts is awful and you dont really get much unless you pay for the better gifts etc. Seems like a money grabber in all honesty and it’s a shame because I love playing it but wanna explore other things whilst doing so.

decent have to pay eventually they have done upgrades to it. so don’t mind unlocking levels or county’s if you will. had on an old phone re-download paided second time seen they have worked on the game so if you like Simulation and wrestling it’s for you. also lots of places to leave notes if that’s your cup of tea. Fantastic to deal with and very responsive to inquiries communication is top notch no joke.

I love the overall concept,but it gets boring having to constantly pick wrestlers for matches and all that… You can please add in an option of random selection… To me it will help make the game a bit interesting and fast paced. It’s really a headache for me. Thank you

Hey I love the game. Pretty entertaining and everything. I recently purchased the Mexico and Canada countries but i still haven’t been able to see what I’ve unlocked. It was $5 each and i would’ve really like to get my money back or the contents i purchased.

The downside of the game is we can only book 3 match and 3 fueds in free version and in the game store Full access of the game is very expensive according to INR they should set the price according to country’s currency. Should also contain contract renew and length of a particular wrestler and should provide the feature of firing some wrestlers. But, in the end game is very nice it give you feel like you are the real general manager of the show.

This Game is Truly Amazing. It is the best mobile game I have ever played. Even without purchasing anything it’s still fun and you will eventually be able to get some gold. The only thing I wish you would add is showing for how long they held there belt. Like a title run section to show when they got it and when they lost it. Overall, Incredible Game.

Amazing game with alot of detail for true wrestling fans.. Lots of scenarios and modes to choose from.. Best mobile GM game by far.. Customer service was excellent.. I DM’d on Instagram and they got back to me right away and followed up.. I Definitely recommend..

One of the best games I’ve seen. This game has so much to do. You can create your own wrestler and recruit wrestlers for your roster. If you love wrestling this is a game for you. You can collect coins after booking matches and create tag teams and different factions. Games cannot get better than this. This is the best game ever!

Awesome game, so far! You control every aspect of your territory, right down to commentators for your shows. Always feels great to support independent makers!

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