11×11 – Choose your favorite club colors

[Game] 11×11 – Soccer Club Manager

11x11Become the top soccer manager of your very own team and lead it to victory in tournaments all over the world in singleplayer or multiplayer!

Create your team and choose your favorite club colors!
Buy the best players with the highest potential on the transfer market!
Train your top eleven players and reserve team, improve their skills, create winning pairs and combinations!
Watch matches live and manage your team’s tactics & lineup. Make substitutions and share your experiences online!
Complete daily tasks of the club Board and Sponsors. Develop the infrastructure of the club. Build your own football stadium!
Take part in PvP matches against real opponents. Win cups, trophies, and medals!
Create a union with your friends and lead it to world football fame!
Master football management skills!

Show your talent in the online football game “11×11: Soccer Club Manager”!

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11×11 user reviews :

after playing other football management games this one stands out. Love the way the game progresses with daily tasks, training etc.. great graphics and easy to navigate menus. the only change I would make is to be able to alter tactics, formation, subs during matches and not just half time. overall an 8/10 game. keep up the good work

Game was great until the update. Now I am permanently stuck on a game and can not get out. uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. Lots of hours wasted for no reason. and no help forthcoming. Update, seems as if they have fixed some stuff many have asked for. Cross our fingers because the play is fun, no doubt. changed to 4 stars from 2. Another update another problem 3/8/19. Now permanently stuck in Maintenance.

this could be a very good game. except for the following 1. buildings take far too long to upgrade, 2. no way to convert xp into pro-points (currently sat on 32mil xp with nothing to do with it) 3. no reward for drawing a game 4. league point deduction is greater than point gain for a win, meaning you can finish a day with less points than you started with and 5. win chance percentage means jack, unless you have an 85%+ chance expect to loose the game.

I had a few suggestions to make: 1)Add in captain skills. 2)add in different footed players. 3)add in option to make tactical changes at any time of the match not only in the break. 4)add in option to set player specific tactics(like the the way a player advances and his specific roles like a playmaker or ball winning midfielder etc. 5) increase the duration of the matches so we can enjoy it to the fullest. 6) add in replys for goals. 7)add more customization options.

Problem is even if you are tactically good for the game you will lose anyways that’s not good at all..can you add settings where we can tell all the players wht exactly to do on the field e.g strikers shoot all the time…. Mid pass forward not backwards… Defenders pass from the back or clear all the time u get the ball Goalie pass to defender.. Like start from the back or hit long to mid or strikers…. Believe me it will make your game much better… If choose long thy pass back always

Could be the best football manager game if not for the many technical issues. It can be very fustrating as frequently unable to complete tasks or sell players due to technical issues with championship games. Also never get a reply when you contact developed.

I think it’s the best football manager game ever i seen, but it’s have a minus. The division competition is stuck and because that, i can’t sell some player because they’re still play in division competition. Maybe you must fix that problem, because all people can’t change their best player or selling the player with low ovr. But overall, it’s the best game…

Nice little game however it does bottleneck you into spending so you can advance without months of grinding away. A few suggestions for the devs…. #not everyone uses facebook so rewarding those that do seems like a blatant marketing ploy. #substitutions can only be made at half time which is unrealistic in the game of football. #more content needed. Im finding the game becoming tedious after playing for a week. UPDATE. tried to get back into the game after leaving it for a while. UNCHANGED

  • Thank you for your feedback. Our team is always working on making the game better!

The game is addictive enough. Here are some my suggestions. It will be better if the club has an emblem logo, such as user can upload png file to set logo. Also can change formation and substitution during gameplay, not only able to change in half time break. We wait better changes in next update version. Thank you admin.

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