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Xfi LocatorXfi Locator : Locate all of your iOS and Android devices, using just this simple and elegant app.

To locate an iOS device, use iCloud credential that was used to activate the target device.
To locate an Android device, install this app,xfi Endpoint, on the target device. Follow instructions on that app to register for a PIN. Use the registered email/PIN to log in.

This app runs natively on Android platform. It locates and shows location of the device you are looking for on Google Maps. It can make the device sound even when it is on silent mode, making the task of finding a misplaced phone, tablet easy.

Features included in this app are: (see snapshots for further details)
Displays location of target devices on Google Maps. The app will try its best to request up-to-date location of devices. Green icon means location is up-to-date. Gray icon means location is available but not up-to-date.
Log-in credential can optionally be saved for future quick log-ins (encrypted and saved solely on your device).
Supports multiple accounts.
Real-time auto refresh.
Sounds alarm on device.
Various map types can be selected.
Provides directions, turn-by-turn navigation from own location to target device location.
Beautiful, high resolution, detailed Street View, and Traffic.
A web version is available here to locate you lost Android from any platform such as iOS, Windows: xfiLocator.com

If you have problem locating iOS device, ensure that iCloud is enabled on target iOS device.
iCloud credential can be verified with this site:www.apple.com/icloud/setup/ios.html.
If you have problem location Android device, make sure the target device have xfi Endpoint installed, registered, and its location service is enabled.

Send us an email if you have problem with login.

iCloud, iPhone, iPad, iOS, MacBook and Apple are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
All other trademarks, images and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.
The author of this app is not related to Apple in any way.

Xfi Locator user reviews :

BEST APP EVER!! Tells me the location in visuals and by address, tells me the charge status, allows me to navigate there via G Maps, and best of all, allowed me to find my iPad using the sound feature!!!

Brilliant app works great on my Huawei p20 love the app. Only thing is this last few days the bottom row of selectable map differences etc map, satellite, terrain has disappeared and hell I can’t finger how to get them back.

Pretty good app nice and easy to use all you need is the icloud info…. The only thing i don’t like is the location is off by a lot sometimes it will show the phone 3 houses down the street. Shows wrong address.

Once in awhile subject stays in one spot. But thats a problem with the network not the app. Other than that this app is quiet (it doesn’t announce on subjects device), accurate as gps can be, you can make device alarm (for when you cant find it) and updates smoothly. Easy to use, install. You do have to have cloud password to track ios device. GREAT APP!

Saved the day! Apparently you can only use the “find my iphone” feature if you have another apple device so as an android user, I was useless until I found this app. It gave a good enough approximation of the phone’s location so we could hear the ringer. Great job circumventing apple’s arrogance!

Easy to use and accurate, the only think that keeps it off a 5 is it seems to struggle to update. After 3 or 4 the position seems to go stale but still indicates it’s tracking. A shutdown and reboot seems to get it moving again

Works great for me, helped me find my wife’s lost phone when she forgot it on top of the car, a little damage but still works, gotta love what does what it says it will.

Been using this app for about a year now and found it to be more accurate then other similar apps. Especially the fact i can use it for both my android phones and my iphone

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