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Yalla ParchisYalla Parchis is a free online multiplayer Parchis game, Parchis is a very popular board game, especially in Spain and Latin America. The rules of the game evolved from Ludo, Parchisi and Parcheesi.


1. Multiple Parchis rules & modes – There are four rules: Classic, Spanish, Quick and Magic, and you can choose to play in 1v1, 4 players or in teams(2v2).
2. In-game voice chat & chat room – We offer a high-quality social experience where you can voice chat in real-time during the game and use the chat room function to chat with audio and video, send gifts, play games, and host parties with your friends in the room. Everyone here is friendly.
3. Collect diverse skins – Play for free and get a variety of skins of dice, theme, token, etc.
4. Various events – Festive events with local characteristics are held regularly.
5. Up to 30K free Golds every day.

In America and Spain, Parchisi is played with two dice, four tokens per player, and the first player who moves four tokens to the end wins. In Colombia, the Parchis board game is also called “Parqués”.
As one of the most popular Parchis games, we are not only committed to bringing the classic Parchis gameplay from memory to online, but also to innovating while respecting tradition.
On the subway, in the park, at home, at any time and place, you can quickly start an amazing Parchis journey and make new friends in chat rooms, from online to offline. If you are looking for a high-quality casual game to enjoy your leisure time, Yalla Parchis will never disappoint you.

Enjoy life, enjoy online Parchis!

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Yalla Parchis user reviews :

The game is ok, but there are glitches on the latest event, and it is not updating properly keeping. Also, games are not random like they should they will give you bad numbers in order for you to lose so annoying. I like the rooms interaction.

  • Hola, lo sentimos por brindarte la mala experiencia. Por favor envía tus comentarios en la APP. Ve al vestíbulo y toca el botón “Ajustes”, hay un botón “FAQ&Retroalimentación” en la parte superior izquierda. Haz clic en este botón enviándonos tu problema para que podamos resolverlo de manera oportuna. Saludos.

Nobody speaks English. And the dice are not random. The dice will always put you in a position to get killed if you are forced to move in front of someone. I know this because if you play partners it doesn’t happen when you step in front of your partner. Undoing the dice is cheating and it leaves you to become a victim if you don’t have enough to undo moves. Definitely download if you’re into being cheated. Bingo will only let you win enough to play again.

  • Hi, thanks for the comment. We do not interfere to modify games, the dices are completely random and there is no preference to any user. We invite you to try different modes to find the one you like most. Bingo is a game depends on luck and speed. To increase the possibility you can get more POWER-UPs to help you. Best regards!

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  • Greetings! Thank you for your review and the 5-star rating, it means a lot to us. Rest assured, we’ll uphold this level of quality in the game going forward. Share the game with friends too! For any suggestions or queries, reach out via email at soporteyallaparchis[at]gmail.com.

This game is amazing fun and the people here are kind and respectful

  • Hello. Thank you very much for your review and 5 star rating, it is very important to us. We guarantee to keep the same quality of the game in the future. Don’t forget to invite your friends. If you have any suggestions or questions, do not hesitate to contact us by mail: soporteyallaparchis[at]gmail.com

It’s a great game to play but it takes too long you roll the dice, you have to wait to make your move, it will be more enjoyable if you don’t have to wait to make your move after a while it becomes boring because you have to wait on it. it’s fun to play if you have the patience in between every move.

  • Hola. Gracias por el comentarios. Registramos la sugerencia. Puedes seguir nuestra página oficial en Facebook para recibir las últimas informaciones sobre la aplicación. Más dudas o sugerencias: soporteyallaparchis[at]gmail.com, saludos.

Great, just one thing, a bag cost me 99 diamonds, I sent one to a friend and she only received 17 diamonds, that is over 82% for Yalla, why so steep?, Why not a little more balanced on that?… Example if I send a bag to someone it will cost me 99 diamonds, let the person that receives get at least 39, that would be near 40% for the receiving end, that would be a little more decent do you not think so?…

  • Hola, lo sentimos por brindarte la mala experiencia. Por favor envía tus comentarios en la APP. Ve al vestíbulo y toca el botón “Ajustes”, hay un botón “FAQ&Retroalimentación” en la parte superior izquierda. Haz clic en este botón enviándonos tu problema para que podamos resolverlo de manera oportuna. Saludos.

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