Yasa Pets Farm – Move to the countryside

[Game] Yasa Pets Farm

Yasa Pets FarmThere are chickens, pigs, cows and sheep to keep fed and happy!!

The ponies love getting new hairstyles!! Plant beautiful flowers and grow tasty vegetables for dinner!!

Yasa Pets Farm is totally FREE with NO in app purchases !!

Features include:

Move to the countryside to enjoy life on a farm!!
Feed apples and hay to your pony while it gets a new hair style!
School is where the kids learn all about how to look after the animals!
Visit the family who live next door!
Give the cows a bath and tuck the sheep in for a good nights sleep!
Water the beautiful flowers and watch them grow!
Wash the pigs in the animal spa after they play in the mud!
There are delicious fruits to pick in the orchard !!
Plant your vegetable garden and pick them when the time is right!!
Take the animals to the vet when they need a check up!!
Celebrate Christmas with presents for family and friends !!
Everyone meets up at the country fair !!!

Remember to connect to the internet to collect the stars

PICK YOUR HOME ON THE FARM : Choose between two beautiful homes right on the farm … Then visit the new neighbours who move in next door … don’t forget to take a present, Christmas is just around the corner !!

SCHOOL : It’s time to start a new school and make lots of new friends! Show everyone your cool new backpack and help your friends pick one too. Learn all about the animals on the farm and look after the chickens!!

PONYS : These beautiful animals love it when you brush them and wash their tails!! There is a huge selection of beauty products to use when looking after them, including lots of beautiful hair products to make each one truly unique!

COWS : These are the sweetest cows you will ever meet! They love to eat hay and hang out in the barn with their friends.

PIGS : These cute little guys love to play in the mud and make a mess !! Make sure to give them a bath so that they smell nice and fresh !!

SHEEP : These adorable sheep like to play outside but they get tired really fast … tuck them in for a nap in their soft beds and they will fall asleep in no time !!

VEGETABLE GARDEN : Plant delicious and healthy vegetables that grow in the vegetable garden !! When they are ready to eat it’s time to make dinner !!

COUNTRY FAIR : Meet up with friends and watch the chicken beauty contest !! There is also a prize for the best looking pony, and ice cream for everyone !!

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Yasa Pets Farm user reviews :

This is so good but this is the only thing I want they are taking away my stuff and I have to keep watching commercials just to get it again so I don’t understand what’s happening

This game is so amazing but there is one problem. The problem is that whenever you close the app everything goes back to normal the way it was. Whatever adds you watched you have to watch them again if you close the app. Other then that the game is so fun and awesome!!!

I really like the game but if you are doing a roleplay and leave the game and then came back tomorrow everything that was there at the beginning of the day will be back there and if you watch the adds to get items the items won’t be there and you’ll have to watch the adds again so if you can fix that overall this game is so adorable and very child safe would recommend

This game is kind of weird, it’s nice for a little kid. But the “cottage core” home has alcohol in it (the ‘X’ bottle) it turns the woman I tested it on green. It’s most likely that, that was the only innapropiate part I could find luckily. Please remove that bottle, also the game has alot to do it looks fun for kids who have patience to watch ads to get rewards. Overall the game is a 5/10 nothing more nothing less, not sure if I would let my kid play this though.

I really like this game, you can choose to watch ads to get stars. But the thing is that it resets every time you close the app, so if you wanted it to stay the way you put it. You have to keep the app on and waste battery.

Its so fun! But the point is when i enter the game again after using a star ad i cannot do anything! It just turns into a white sparkle and thats annoying! I can’t unlock things and unlock the animals. Over all this is great i would recommed

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