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Yes Your Grace*NOTICE* Play the beginning for free. A one-time in-app purchase unlocks the full game. No ads.

In this kingdom management RPG, petitioners will arrive in the throne room each turn to ask for your advice and assistance. Decide whether to help them with their problems, or to conserve resources for more important matters. Remember: supplies are limited, and not everyone has the kingdom’s best interests at heart…

Listen to petitioners each turn and decide who needs your support.
Aid your family with their personal problems and decide upon their fate.
Hire Generals, Witches and Hunters to aid your efforts.
Prepare for battle and make alliances by satisfying the whims of lords and kings.
Follow the stories of the quirky and determined characters that visit your halls.

Yes, Your Grace tells a tale of Davern, a medieval kingdom ruled by King Eryk. The game is set in a fictional world where monsters and arcane practices inspired by Slavic folklore are the order of the day. Villagers will ask for your help with various problems, from monsters attacking the village to a lack of places to relax and enjoy themselves. Some will bring humour to your throne room and some will present you with difficult choices. Your family is important too, and throughout your time as King, you will have to support them in their struggles.

You will face lords with a variety of personalities; you will need their support in order to win an upcoming battle, but some may ask you to perform dirty deeds to cement the alliance. One thing is clear: It won’t be easy to keep everyone happy.

Yes Your Grace user reviews :

This game is fantastic. I can see how much effort was put into it and I absolutely love although I can’t buy the full game. It’s so interactive, with the king even being able to move around his castle! The decisions are tough and I believe will lead to interesting outcomes. My advice is to change the logo to a pixilated one and probably make it free and just add in game purchases.

The game is extremely beautiful and immersive. I really liked to see the how the story progresses according to my actions…. until you hit the end, where you see your choices actually didnt matter at all. There are a few slightly different endings according to specific choices, but nothing major. It felt like the player has the illusion of choice, but no real choice.

I like that they give you a free trial to try out the game and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to pay for the full game. The game gets more difficult right after you pay and you have a lot more challenges to deal with. The story is great but I feel like you are just being set up to fail. Either way it already has me looking forward to another play through to do things differently. Tip for new players Make King Talys pay for your General, don’t get extra troops in exchange for your daughter.

Okay, so… Wow! This game feels like I’m playing a Game of Thrones Prequel. Like the way how much one choice can lead to either the best or worst outcome of your choices in the end of it all. I tried to do a All Good play but the game teaches you that sometimes a lesser evil is needed for the greater good of the kingdom. I am excited to finish this and see how replayable this game is and what will the ending be

Pretty good game. Ported well to mobile it seems. The trial lasts until one week before the ‘event’ so you get a good feel of how to manage and play the game. I think the asking price is more than reasonable, however I’m concerned about replayability as it kind of feels like the major choices are illusions.

It’s alright so far. The gameplay is just like the description. Its like a story game but you play the role of a king, and either fulfil or decline peoples requests. I havent finished the game yet, but the petitions of the people feel little bit repetitive and slightly overwhelming after the wedding takes place, I’ll update my review when I get further in the game.

A very very nice game, BUT for 5 euros, it’s not long at all and after you finishing the game it doesn’t have any continuing like survival or just play and see different stuff with the survival of the kingdom and the success..I like it a lot bul I’ll try for refund if I can because I can’t do anything else at least for now…please update the endgame for extra gamelife after the end

This game is Teally Amazing, trully a master piece, the storyline is very commendable it’s like a real life choices, of course there are save button, but i my pride didn’t want to use it, it would be better to see how far my choices go. thank you for creating this game, make sure to achieve your goal.. love this game Edit: A very very difficult decision making if you want a really good outcome I suggest this game if you want to make yourself a very good decision making Edit: just finished it

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