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[Game] Power Pop Blast

Power Pop BlastMatch, blast, and pop the cubes in a super fun puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours! Play now for free and enjoy this awesome time-killer Power Pop Blast game!

Play now and discover hundreds of challenging puzzle levels filled with fun missions and awesome boosters that make this game one of a kind!
Set off on a relaxing adventure with Power Pop Blast game, match cubes, and solve all the addictive puzzles using your color-matching skills.

Puzzle games are much easier when you get some help! Unlock special boosters that will help you blast all the cubes and clear levels. Combine any 2 boosters to generate great effects and reach high scores!

Check out these amazing game features:
Free to play matching game – play anytime online or offline, no Wi-Fi or internet needed!
Fun gameplay: Your goal is to connect 2 or more adjacent blocks of the same color to blast
Train your brain with hundreds of thrilling levels filled with puzzles and fun quests
Easy time-killing game. Relax, clear your mind and blast some cubes!
Powerful boosters that will help you get past those tricky levels
Improve your color matching skills and enjoy smooth cubes blasting gameplay

This incredible game is simple and easy to learn, perfect for everyone to enjoy! Start your adventure today, play Power Pop Blast, and experience hours of endless fun!

How to Play:
Match 2 or more adjacent toy blocks of the same color to remove them from the board
Complete the different missions and goals at the beginning of each level and get awesome rewards!
Use boosters like rockets, bombs, and color wheels that will help you clear levels
Work smart and plan ahead: Always have a good look for better alternatives before randomly combining the cubes!
Use your logic and matching skills to overcome the obstacles and pop all the toon blocks

This game is seriously fun, super addictive and we can’t promise you will not fall in love with this amazing brainteaser!

Grab this fun blast game from the play store and train your brain with hundreds of exciting puzzles and challenges. Test your color matching skills as you match and blast all the colorful cubes and win sweet rewards!

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Power Pop Blast user reviews :

There is a fine line with the amount of ads they put in a game. This game is no where close. It takes longer to close out the ads than it takes to complete a level and there are multiple ads in EVERY level!

Was loving playing this game untill i got to level 2479! The coloured planets with the coloured rings around them are now invisible for some obscure reason so can not match the colours up to destroy them!!!!!!!!! Pls sort this out

I’ll leave a review whenever I understand the game. So far a fun game. Update, no glitches, and a game of skill. Thanks for the mistplay, I found this game. I’m addicted now

Great game if you enjoy adds, myself I don’t mind a few ads but 2 adds that are the same between levels then you must watch adds to complete the harder levels or spend what few gold coins you get from watching adds. I just don’t get the point. Iam unistalling due to excessive adds, would love this game if it weren’t for the adds.

Game is fine. Ads are overkill. Finish a level, watch an ad. Press to play next level, watch an ad. That’s 2 ads for each level, not necessary!

It’s ok I’ve reach a level now where the only way I pass it is to spend money..so will have too uninstall..pity I was enjoying it.

Takes a while to complete levels past 45 but it definitely helps getting you zems in zepeto!!

Most excellent game ! Lots of fun, makes a person think with the moves. Generous with rewards, giving insentive and excitement to get to the next challenge ……

I love the graphics and I don’t get stressed out trying to win. I love this game. I chose to edit this review because I am having trouble with my app. It constantly freezes/crashes and I’m having to pass levels more than once because the screen goes black and I have to restart the app completely. It’s extremely frustrating and I’m getting tired of it.

I experience the average number of ads placed in the average spots, and they never interrupt the game play. In the game itself, the action is pretty fast and not As much need to keep buying tools as other similar games. That’s why I stay with it. II’m on level 82, and progress is easy enough that l thought for a while that the game must be designed for younger players, because, with only two exceptions, I’ve passed every level on the first try, but, again, that’s why I keep playing.

The game itself is massively enjoyable. However, when i had a problem and contacted the developer, i was told they had never heard of it and this couldn’t help me. Additionally, after about 20-25 minutes of play, the game predictably slows down my phone to the extent that it is bricked for up to 30-35 min, usually costing me a life and any “unlimited” boosters. I do love the game, but if you want smooth, well-supported play, look elsewhere.

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