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[Game] Yes Your Highness

Yes Your HighnessTailored AI Companionship
Immerse yourself in an epic narrative with branching choices, with AI assistance to uniquely shape your fate.
Engage in daily conversations, emotional support, and soothing company for sleepless nights. Customized AI chats are at your beck and call 24/7.

Romantic Encounters
Meet melancholic princes, passionate knights, kind princesses, and domineering swordsmaids. A diverse cast of medieval companions awaits to join you.
Indulge in romantic dates, grand weddings, and nurture offspring. Increase affection levels to unlock charming stories with your lover.

Legacy and Family
Shape your heir’s destiny in arts or strategy, guiding them to become your distinguished successor.
Arrange marriages for your progeny, expand your lineage, plan your house’s growth, and build a prestigious family tree.

Fiefdom Management
Reign over your lands! Embrace a free sandbox mode where you wield control over terrain and structures with limitless creativity.
Farms, ranches, mines… Strategically combine resources to construct an advanced supply chain, boosting your territory’s productivity and loyalty of your subjects.

World Exploration
Venture beyond your realm to discover a world filled with foreign allies who can bolster your monumental achievements.
Engage in diplomacy or warfare, interact amicably or aggressively with other lords, and continually strategize for the growth of your territory.

Yes Your Highness user reviews :

My server was full, so I chose a different one. Literally all of them were full except one that said New, so I chose it. The game expected me to start over from scratch over it. Good thing I didn’t spend money yet. The game seemed pleasant enough. All romance options are gorgeous and you can choose ♀️ or ♂️. I like what I played, but lost all data. Obviously that needs fixed before I waste more time starting over on a server that could be full again tomorrow.

  • Thank you for your evaluation. We deeply apologize for any shortcomings in our game this time. We will take your opinions into consideration and strive to adjust and improve the game in the future. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Repetitive gameplay, you mainly just get in and go through the events/mini games and other tasks. I guess it’s satisfying in regards to completing things. I like the offspring/lover aspect, however the promised AI chat function isn’t available and only says “coming soon” when the button is tapped. Don’t understand why it’s advertised if it’s not available. I don’t mind it as a time killer but the battling feature gets boring and could use a way to speed it up.

  • We apologize that our game did not meet your expectations. We always pay close attention to the experience of all players and are committed to continuously improving our game to satisfy everyone.

I quite like the mechanics of the game, how it provides different areas for you to focus on (battles/love stories/quests/raising family/decorations). Characters are very well designed. Currently it’s a bit heavy on the battle part, but since the game is new, I’m sure more features are being added. Items in the game could get pricey though so be careful not to get too invested. The English texts are not always grammatically correct so that’s -1 star for me.

I’m really into this game right now and I love the mechanics, the art, the events, everything! I adore that you can be polyamorous and date anyone regardless of gender, and how every lover is a different person for each gender so it’s not a simple genderbend if that makes any sense. Super excited to play more and get more content later down the line! I’m willing to financially support it as I can. Also, I wish there was an option to report people in the server chat because people get weird…

This is a wonderful idle game. If you play it just twice a day, you will enter the top 100 players. The stories are nice. You can pick and change your gender or your partners genders whenever you want. It’s smooth and you don’t have to pay ANY money unless you want to. There’s no pay wall. They have some facts on the historic people they use and add nice flavor text to the characters they made. I’m on stage 75. I have almost 10 partners and 25 retainers. I’ve spent no money at all. Just try it.

I’ve played many games like this one, but I think the variety and time needed for this game is the best. You will slow down on leveling but you get a ton of free gems and the mini games and fun. Each event is pretty short and so it keeps things moving.

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