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Tokyo DebunkerAt the prestigious Darkwick Academy, your unruly classmates have sold their souls to demons in exchange for a wish… and you’ll have to find a way to make them work together to solve supernatural cases all over Tokyo. If you get stuck, you can always turn to Darkwick’s clever cat familiars for their support!

Enjoy a wide variety of gameplay modes!
Explore a gripping story through comics and Live 2D
Build new facilities with your adorable cat familiars
Collect cute and quirky cats
Battle monsters with your ghoul classmates
Play rhythm games to collect powerful items
Join other players in exciting co-op modes

Your time with us is what you make it…
Welcome to the bizarre charms of Tokyo’s dark side.

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Tokyo Debunker user reviews :

I think the game has potential but the lack of resources is horrendous. It’s so difficult to limit break even SR cards and it doesn’t tell you where to obtain the apples. There should be a way to farm those.

DUDE THIS IS AMAZING. The art quality, the cutscenes, the voice acting is fantastic!!! I love how the story plays like a manwha + vn. Fantastic stuff.

I rarely write reviews but I am absolutely in love with this game!! I have been waiting for years to playyyy super excited it’s out

First impressions, and there’s a lot of gatekeeping behind paid diamonds, ranging from paid-only beginner banner to the profile icons themselves. If I wanted to use a mere SR character as my icon in-game, I would have to pay over ten pulls worth of diamonds. Next, the monthly pass is €10, the norm in gachas is half that price. The SSR are only at 1%, all while the combat is a chibi auto-battler. Not looking good. Can you all otome developers just copy mihoyo monetization, at least?

This game is generally pretty great ! I love the art style and the story is very interesting and captivating. The gameplay is also really nice and simple. There’s only one thing I’m sad about…as someone that genuinely enjoys playing games like this, I’m always saddened when there’s no option to choose the MC’s gender or choose their appearance ! Being able to do that would make it way more enjoyable and way easier to connect to the character I’m playing as. That’s all that’s bothering me 4/5 star

First review I have ever written, the ui is kinda clunky and hard to look at, also no controls for sensitivity or motion sickness (the bonus levels are a nightmare). Also a surprising amount of Ai generated imaged for the backgrounds. Overall could be optimized (also why use ai man)

Your typical gacha game to collect all the husbandos and the plot is great. The only thing making me give this a lower star review than it deserves is the fact that the camp is buggy right now; I’m not able to get past the tutorial of the camp because I have already used up my camp chances for the day before the tutorial popped up. Please fix this!

The “rhythm” game for bonus stages is horrendous… It doesn’t even match the beat and because the screen turns and floats around you cannot even see the dots to tap correctly. Also there have been many crashes / the network crashing in the chat. Please fix these issues.

This game is AMAZING! The storylines are intriguing and in manga style, the characters sound (and look) really good. It incorperates cats which I love. The Mc is cute and has a voice which is rare. The battles are easy and you also get choices. The graphics are great. You get a username which other players see and an Mc name. You also can join guilds and have a character description. While you also get profile picture I wish we could choose our own instead of the characters. Overall great game!

Okay I just started playing this game, but theres no other reviews; so let me be the first. so far its really intriguing and im really excited to continue the story line. So far, almost everything is voice acted (which isnt something youd usually see.) However, the voices are in Japanese, but the text is in English. I’m personally fine with this. Everything has beautiful art, i can really tell a lot of effort was put into this game. If you like supernatural you should totally get this game.

First couple hours out and so far and this game is amazing, the story is very compelling and the attention to detail is really good to. I’m a big fan of visual novels so the way the story is told is great imo. I have no complaints and I’ve ran into no bugs or glitches. Thank you for the amazing game, can’t wait for the update!!!

I absolutely love this game so far, I’ve gotten to chapter 10 and I love the comic elements and especially the characters, they are very well written so far all though there is a few translation errors but they aren’t major or a ton of them and the fact you don’t have to pay to do certain answers makes me very happy, the story is very captivating and quite fun! The rhythm mini game is really fun I hope there’s more rhythm maps in the future!! Btw the art is absolutely scrumptious! Def recommend

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