Yoga Workout – Increase your flexibility

[Game] Yoga Workout

Yoga WorkoutLet’s have some fun with Yoga Workout – Running 3D game now!

Yoga Workout – Running 3D game is an addictive running 3D game with different challenging levels that will blow your mind.

This game will increase your flexibility by using yoga stimulation to move your characters’ body to correct yoga positions. If you are a fan of Yoga Workout or 3D running game, do not hesitate to try Yoga Workout – Running 3D game. Let’s test how flexible you are!!

Let Yoga Workout challenge you with variety of Yoga positions. You need to find out what to do to avoid upcoming obstacles and collect as much money as possible! Finding the balance is the key to solve the problem here!

Addictive gameplay as it gets more challenging each levels.
100+ various levels with beautiful graphics.
Boost your money after bonus levels.
Great experience for your hands.
Unexpected Yoga positions.
Music and sound effects.
Phone and tablet friendly.
Totally free to download and free to play.

Each level is a challenge to test your flexibility and your patience.
Namaste Have fun and enjoy the game

Yoga Workout user reviews :

I really like the game it’s different and fun to play but the app closes after every add and you have to restart it losing your time if it is on a pay app. I give it five stars without the annoying restarts every time. It just doesn’t want to load now. Gets almost there and shows a add and closes.

This is a really fun game it’s just that every two minutes I see an add and it’s always interrupting like maybe after a run you can put and ad but like after I do two steps it’s just an ad and I can’t play in peace also the levels are mostly similar they change after a lot of levels but when it’s not showing an ad or just being the same it can be a little fun .

It is nice but 1 prolblem, every time I finish the level then an ad comes so I can’t press next/No need because it’s in the way… so I have to leave the app and go in again. I put 2 stars because ther is another problem it is that if I go too fast I don’t move and last problem is wen an add dose not come wen u press it it kicks you out of the game please fix these problems…

This is a very nice game but some few things are not good. 1. There are soooooo many ads. 2. This game is veryyyyyyy tough as it took me 100 times to pass level 4. 3. even if the woman is little close to the object, it still makes us lose. Because of these problems, the game is not so much fun and i have to give this game only 3 stars

The game is pretty good except of course ads the game itselfs is pretty supportive which each move you make 99 percent recommend to people stressed out or your just going to get stressed out by ads after and before levels sorry if this isn’t helpful to people who want to have a relaxed experience good if this helped/helps you can also skip ads

I love this game, the details, graphics, etc. However, when I finish a level, there’s this ad that keeps getting in my way from clicking “x” to exit the ad. I also refresh the app many times and it turns out to be the same. Overall, this game is very nice and it’s really fun game to play especially when you are bored, but the ad are really annoying and interrupts the game.

This is a fun game but the ads when you lose. When I played this game there was an ad blocking not to watch the ad to continue playing. It would let me tap on it but the ad keeps blocking the button. It’s fun but the ads in the way. 2 stars.

Fun, ads are kind of annoying, but the fun is worth it

I do not like this game because every time I try to move on to the next level an ad keeps on blocking the “next ” button so I can’t move on although the graphics is good

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