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YouMailYouMail’s spam call blocker, robo call blocker & visual voicemail app helps you answer phone calls better and protects you against scam calls and robocalls.

Illegal call attacks against our users help power law enforcement efforts against those callers! Join the YouMail community and stop unwanted calls for everyone!

Use YouMail’s silence unknown numbers call blocker feature for 100% ringer protection and let your new smart voicemail keep you safe from robocall spammers that use a number only one time to call.

See why YouMail has won countless awards for voicemail and spam protection and why our AI-based fingerprinting is trusted by millions to answer their phone calls.


Our voicemail-based fingerprinting enables our call blocker to detect and block a spam call or robocall faster than others.
Every minute a new spam number or robo call number starts up – our call blocker updates hourly to block a robo call number as it becomes active.
Not just a robocall blocker! Block any phone number with your own personal blocklist.
Finally – a clean voicemail inbox. Our call blocker protects not only your ringer but your voicemail inbox too.


Phone not on you? Check calls and voicemail online from any web browser or by email!
High quality voicemail to text and voicemail to email.
Give callers a unique experience with personalized greetings only they hear.
Save calls and voicemail forever in custom folders to stay organized.
Search and share calls and voicemail from the app or any web browser.

While our visual voicemail and robocall blocker is free, users love our premium features.


Our call blocker can play ‘Number Disconnected’ tones to get you taken off dialing lists used by robocallers and spam callers.
Other robo call blocker apps engage and try to “trick” spam call which might sound fun, but keeps your number active on spam call lists and encourages more spam and robocalls!
Need a second phone number or second line? How about several? Pick a vanity number or a local number from nearby area codes.
Add an auto attendant, virtual receptionist, or e-receptionist with menus so callers can press a key to connect their call to a partner, assistant, or any other phone number.
Add an after hours or weekend greeting on your main phone number or second number to our auto attendant or virtual receptionist.
Automated TXT replies make missed callers to your main phone or second number feel less ignored and less likely to call a competitor.
Automatically forward unread messages to a partner, spouse or any email so important phone calls aren’t ignored.
Host conference calls without a meeting ID or passcode – callers call your virtual conference number and they’re in.
Trusted by 13 million users: “like Google Voice with better service and Grasshopper with a better app!”


Permissions only when needed – no location permission needed.
Android Q+ requires the call blocker role.


Compatible on postpaid plans to upgrade AT&T voicemail, Sprint voicemail, T-Mobile voicemail, Verizon voicemail, StraightTalk voicemail and more.
Some prepaid plans, Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, Google Fi and Consumer Cellular don’t support conditional call forwarding, disallowing YouMail.


Activation dials carrier specific codes to forward a missed call to YouMail so we can block robo calls, block spam and provide visual voicemail.
BEFORE DELETING, Deactivate and Return to Carrier from Settings, otherwise calls still go to YouMail even without the app installed! For more help, visit

YouMail user reviews :

Deleting. Caller ID gives false names – people I’ve never heard of. Transcriptions are rough. Good calls go to the spam box. They bombard you with requests to upgrade – via email, which you have to give them to set it up. In app ads have gotten more intrusive. Occasionally, there’s a full page ad which has to be dismissed to check your messages. Today, it made me watch a 30 sec video ad for Jack In The Box, and I only eat healthy foods. There was NO WAY to exit the ad, even quitting doesn’t work

  • You are on an old version of the OS on a Note 9 which degrades the app. Caller ID is what the carrier gives us on the look up. You can report safe any call that went to the spam box that shouldn’t which lets YouMail learn what you consider spam. The app no longer has full-page ads – you shouldn’t have gotten a video ad and we’re checking why.

Crashes on all versions of Android 14. Please prepare for the new OS and make the appropriate fixes. I’m happy I can use the web interface but I can’t get the full extent of functionality unless the app works, it seems. App is completely unusable. Initializes and you see the splash screen and then it closes.

  • Fair enough. We just got our first look at Android 14 last week, so we’re working on it and will be sure to be compatible when it rolls out beyond beta.

The samsung Visual voicemail is not great at all and this is the perfect replacement, only compliant is the bugs in the app (can’t upgrade from essential to business in the app, Also no way of seeing when custom voicemail will be completed or if it was even received) and it’s very overpriced, otherwise it does what is intended even if they won’t let me upgrade.

  • Our customer support team will reach out to troubleshoot this with you. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Awesome spam blocker. I gave it four stars because it is buggy- the app doesn’t refresh automatically until You open it, but the services still work in the background regardless. I would definentely recommend. I love the visual voicemail feature. It doesn’t always get every word of what the person says exacy right, but it gets it close enough to understand. Best free spam blocker & vis. VM app ive seen and used, even compared to over 6 apps, phone companies or paid service.

  • Thank you for your review feedback. We are constantly working to improve our app to provide the best experience. Is there anything else we can do to earn that 5th star from you?

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