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VNC ViewerVNC Viewer for Android is the original Open Source (GPL) remote desktop program for Android devices.

Connects to most VNC servers: incl TightVNC, RealVNC on Win and Linux, x11vnc, and Apple Remote Desktop on OS/X. Lots of customizable features let you adapt the way your device controls map to the controls of your desktop.

0.7.1 – After some years of neglect, VNC for Android has been updated to let you access the menus on more modern Android devices.

VNC Viewer user reviews :

This has been an excellent free app for a long time but it’s not compatible with Pie. As an old IT guy I can promise that is a statement I never thought I would say.

Works great, only downside is somewhat awkward controls and zooming.

Inconsistent and sometimes non-workable connections to windows 10 desktop using VNC Android version on Samsung A20.

Need a version that is Android 9.0 native get all not made for this OS warning everytime I luanch

Remote access made easy

Open source… but the apps is feel outdated,

Annoying user interface

Doesn’t support android Pie. update please

Works great on my Moto 5G Plus with my ultra VNC server

good app does what its supposed to do

This is not a bad program to use. I like the fact you have a save option for settings… BUT. Your support for keyboard’s and the screen not being seen plus When scaling to fit screen nothing is responsive. I had a phone with a hardware keyboard had no issue’s but phones that don’t have a H/W keyboard makes this app unusable.

Most things work alright, but the complete lack of double-click support on touchscreens is infuriating… It’s not difficult: instead of double tap for right click, use a long press for right click like tablets already do.

Controls are awkward. Zooming doesn’t feel as intuitive as on some other apps I’ve tried and despite connecting to a local computer the performance is slow.

I can’t use hotspot after installing it. My android dhcp service stopped working after installing this. i can’t use my hotspot service as the connceted device does not get an ip address and shows dns not responding

Well it’s ok but not a good app. An app named PC-Remote by Monect has more utilities

Used for a while now but this version no longer works properly. The disconnect and other buttons no longer display. Zoom and keyboard button do until the keyboard is open then virtually impossible to get back. Back button does nothing and no longer possible to close the session. Have to close the app down. Unable to submit an issue on the website as no option showing to do so.

Can do VNC. Can’t do portrait mode. Requires a menu button to get at the juicy settings, which more recent android devices lack :(. Can’t seem to find a way to Shift+Click

Great app, but unfortunately does not support any of the UltraVNC encryption plugins I tried.

It’s good. But back button not working, mouse pointer not working,, videos are not smooth and 3+ sec delay.

This provides almost all the functionality I need, except for some reason, 4bpp colour causes a complete colour crash and no content shown. For anyone who can’t find Disconnect, try looking next to your navigation buttons. There should be 3 dots that bring up the controls

Immersion mode is broken. Mouse control is way off with that thing on.

Great opensource alternative to teamviewer plus u can use LAN to connect

It works with Linux like I desired. Thanks!

Perfect when used with Limbo PC Emulator

Don’t know what happened but it always displays authentication failed after reference through you tube the issue is still not resolved please someone suggest any way out of this Triva!!!!!

I rarely give reviews on Google Play, because most apps just don’t impress me all that much. This is one of those apps that does exactly as advertised, and does it very well. I can’t think of any complaints, although there could be features missing that some people want, it has everything that I need.

Being a long time VNC user this is a very cool app. It takes some fiddling with to get set up properly but after that works very well. It would rate 6 stars if it had the File Transfer and Chat features. If you have trouble just follow the wiki for this until you get it working right.

Connects perfectly to realVNC with password protection over custom port. Mouse and keyboard have full functionality e.g. drag and drop. Screen refreshes faster than any other VNC app that I’ve tried and have yet to crash/freeze it on my old DesireS. PS the icon for the app looks nothing like the one shown. Cannot rate it highly enough. If it ever supports encryption it will be unbeatable.

This works as a basic VNC client. A lot of the problems other people seem to be having could be fixed straightforwardly by tunneling the connection over SSH, using, e.g., ConnectBot. That said, the interface for sending special keys (control, alt, etc) is very awkward, and it doesn’t work with Hacker’s Keyboard, so forget about controlling keyboard-intensive applications.

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