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[App] Youper – Self-Guided Therapy

YouperIf you don’t have time for therapy or patience for meditation, download Youper!

It is incredible what this app can do. I was able to change my mood just by sticking through and letting it guide me.

I struggled with depression and anxiety my whole life, especially since the pandemic. I saw this app and decided to give it a shot. Within 9 minutes, I felt completely grounded and calm.


Youper uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, the scientifically proven way to improve your mood.

A study from Stanford University showed significant improvement in symptoms of depression and anxiety after using the Youper app.


Traditionally, CBT has been carried out with a therapist in sessions lasting 30 to 60 minutes once or twice a week, creating a barrier for busy people or those who don’t like talking to a therapist about their private feelings.

Youper was created by therapists to make CBT accessible for everyone. Youper allows you to benefit from CBT without the hassle of traditional therapy sessions. Youper is available wherever and whenever you need it, on your own time and schedule.


1. Want to cope with anxiety and improve your mental health?
2. Want to stop negative thinking, rumination, and toxic self-talk?
3. Want help in understanding how to deal with a stressful situation?
4. Want to find the motivation to achieve your goals?

Your journey to better mental health starts today!


Analyze thoughts: identify and challenge negative thoughts and find different ways of thinking.
Problem-solving: understand a problem, research available solutions, and take action to solve it.
Goal-setting: get guidance to set goals to build the life you want.
Thought journal: reflect on your positive and negative moments, and organize your thoughts in a private CBT thought diary.
Mood tracker: track your mood with quick check-ins, understand your emotions, and identify patterns.
Symptom tracker: monitor your progress and gain insights on anxiety, depression, and other mental health symptoms.


Premium features are available with a subscription. The subscription will automatically renew unless turned off in your Play Store Account Settings at least 24 hours before the current period ends. You can cancel your subscription anytime when you feel the Premium plan is not what you need.

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Youper user reviews :

I thought this would be just another tentative at AI and mindfulness but I was wrong. It is really well thought trough and you can tell there is a lot of research behind it. The interaction with the AI itself feels calming because of the language used, the way it makes associations and gives you suggestions and insights. Its complex enough to make it feel as a real conversation. It is also very useful for journaling and analizing your mental state patterns. Thank you for this truly amazing app!

I loved this app before and shared it with many people but the free version seems to now only be a tiny step up from a gratitude journal. I’m sure the premium version is great and I’m not against making money. However, if you don’t have the vocabulary to navigate beyond what’s offered it can be discouraging. I do not recommend this for those in the early stages of their mental health journey but it work in tandem with talk therapy.

  • Thank you for your sincere feedback. We’ve added your suggestions to our improvements list. Our goal is to make Youper the best AI therapist, and we’re always implementing suggestions based on feedback. Keep checking the new updates. If you have any further questions, you can find common answers & discover tips on

The app is a great idea and has been really useful to me, but now that it is paid I feel like it could do with offering more. It’s also quite glitchy, like the Mindfulness exercises open at the end or random cut out, and the goal checking function never seems to work.

  • Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Your comments are very helpful to us as we are always working to improve Youper and get rid of those annoying bugs. Please access to give us more details so we can have this fixed as soon as possible. Remember to mention the device and operating system version.

Amazing app. Really effective and thorough. Extremely helpful! Downside, you have required responses. If you don’t want to do anything righ then, but missed the time to say no, you have to exit the session altogether, because you don’t have the option to say no thanks. Also, the quotes get old and so does the advice overall. Even though the techniques are great, the system quickly expires and turns into the dialogue that you skip in a game to get to where you want to go.

  • Thank you for your sincere feedback. We’re continually improving Youper to be the best emotional health assistant for you.

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