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[App] Dare – Anxiety & Panic Attacks

DareApproved by ORCHA (the Organisation for the Review of Care & Health Apps)
Best Mobile App Awards, platinum nominee – Best Mobile App Awards
The Best Anxiety Apps – Healthline website 2020/19

100’s of free audios & new audios added everyday
Free audio guides to overcome anxiety & panic attacks
Unlimited audio downloads to your private personal area
Unlimited entries in your personal mood journal to track your progress

Take a calm break & reduce anxiety with our unique stress relief app!

Get anxiety and panic relief from an app you can take with you wherever you go. Many anxious situations are addressed including driving, flying, eating out, health anxiety, social anxiety, intrusive thoughts, public speaking, unwinding anxiety, going on holiday & more.

Listen to Dare’s many free audios to prevent a panic attack or access stress relief support & anxiety meditations anytime, anywhere. You can also track your progress as you go. You’ll learn to handle situations, calm down & gain confidence with Dare’s Panic relief.

Experience fast anxiety release by using Dare anytime you feel overwhelmed. Unwinding anxiety is made possible with Dare!

Download DARE’s free audio guides to help feel like your old confident self again. Not only does Dare help with panic attack relief also included are meditations & sleep guides to tackle insomnia.

Access more content with Dare Premium to help with driving anxiety, social anxiety, stress relief, health anxiety & to end insomnia. With guided meditations, live webinars & guest masterclasses monthly, the Dare team teaches you the best way to handle anxious situations & support you.

Unwinding anxiety is natural when you complete daily challenges, anxiety meditations & track your progress with Dare Premium. Break free from anxiety & panic today to live a more stress free life.

If you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, our anxiety release techniques will teach you an effective evidence based approach to handle situations & help you live life to the fullest.

You’ll begin to learn how to handle situations and gain confidence from day 1.

If you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, DARE will teach you an effective evidence based approach to handle situations and get you back living life to the fullest.


Eliminate the fear of panic attacks
Reduce worry and Stress in your daily routine
Calm Your mind and think more clearly
Deepen sleep with free audios to deal with insomnia
Break cycles of negative thinking and be free again

Audios designed to give instant relief
‘Calm me down’ audio based on the best selling book DARE
Use in case of setbacks
Overcome anxious bodily sensations

The DARE Response
Rapid relief from anxiety
Learn to stop feeling like giving up

Introduction to Panic Attacks
Instant response if your having a panic attack
DARE for Success!

Help your mind from worrying
Overcome worry and intrusive thoughts
Overcome depersonalization and derealization
Morning motivation to start your day

Guided meditations for sleep
Full set of nature sounds to ease you into sleep
Learn good sleep habits
Accept your inability to sleep
End insomnia


With DARE Plus you get all of the above and
Get a new ‘Daily Dare’ to help you everyday.
Unlimited audio downloads to your private personal area.
Guest masterclasses & live webinars
Guided meditations
Unlimited entries in your personal journal.

We’d love to connect with you to hear about your Dare journey and experience. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on social if you have any feedback or questions:
Facebook – www.facebook.com/dareresponse
Instagram – @dare_response

Terms of service: dareresponse.com/terms-of-service-statement/
Privacy policy: dareresponse.com/privacy-policy/

Dare user reviews :

Haven’t gotten to the experience yet — just downloaded and am getting through the screens explaining the paid version. On the same page, it says that after the free trial, the subscription is $65.99 per year (bold type; btw, why not just say $66.00?) and that it’s $54.00 per year (light type, farther down the page). A few pages later, it says $69.99 annually. Can we choose which offer to accept?

  • Hi, Kiki. Thanks for your feedback and we apologize for the confusion. We would like to look into this concern. It would be helpful if you can send the screenshots of the prices to support[at]dareresponse.com. Looking forward to your message!

Great app! I have the subscription and it’s really worth the price with everything you get. It has really helped. My only issue is that over the 6 weeks of using it, a lot of the daily dares have repeated. This isn’t an issue as they’re still great and easily repeatable. I assume the longer time goes on, more and more daily dares will be introduced. It really does help at the end of each day!

  • Hi, James. Thank you for providing your valuable feedback. Yes, that’s true – we always are working on creating new Daily Dares. Please reach out to us at support[at]dareresponse.com, if you have other suggestions, concerns, feedback.

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