Your Choice Story – Play a teenager during the zombie apocalypse

[Game] Your Choice Story – Horror & Suspense

Your Choice Story  Prepare yourself for three, full, large text adventure series.

With this download you get hundreds of thousands of words of story with hundreds of choices for YOU to make–all for FREE!

Play a teenager during the zombie apocalypse, a witch in a Lovecraft-inspired horror story, or a hard-boiled detective who investigates “things that go bump in the night”.

Oh, and it’s not all fear and survival. There is romance, too.

This offers the depth and emotional engagement of novels with the fun and excitement of a role-playing game!

By free, we mean that it is ad-supported with generous opportunities for you to get free coins by unlocking a TON of achievements and watching rewarded videos. Also, there are no paid choices. All choices are always unlocked.

With clever game play and a little patience, you will get to play all these MASSIVE series for free.

Your Choice Story user reviews :

This game is awesome! I had a tiny problem with the saving/loading, but it’s alright. I love it! Keep up the good work!

Good writing. Engaging characters. Ads aren’t terribly intrusive. So far so good, will adjust rating after I play a bit more.

I’ve just got to the first checkpoint. The story is quite well written even if it is not that original (so far), but it’s still really enjoyable and entertaining. I have not fully discovered all possibilities, but the choices does not just take me to some random lame short branch of a main arc, but they really seem to take me to independent story lines. So the creators definitely have quality work in it. Nice job, so far.

I’m sucked into this game. I love reading and this reminds me of those books I read growing up where we were able to choose the fate of the character. I love it! I hope to find more just like this game!

Amazing, well written , i only wish i could get more of this delight games, i downloaded every single one of delight games and i recommend it to everyone , amazing

I just started ready one of these books, but so far so good I will leave an updated review once I’m finished. ( I haven’t been able to put it down yet) Hopefully I will return with a 5 star rating

This is a great choices game because it keeps you invested in the stories, and you don’t have to spend money to continue. There’s an option to save your progress online which is good, so you can continue the story from where you stopped on multiple devices. FYI, this is a reading choice game not a graphic game, but I don’t need, or want, pictures when the story is interesting and the game is free.

This app is amazing, I love it. Managable ammount of ads, captivating stories, easily navigable display. The only problem is, on chapter two in Zombie High, I always get stuck when -SPOILER- they get captured. When I click ‘Continue’ it gives me the back menu. It’s the only thing stopping this from being five stars. I’ve tried exiting, restarting, restarting my phone, and uninstaling & reinstalling the app several times. Please fix the glitches. I’d love to reinstall some time soon if you do.

This is a great choose your own adventure style game series already, but what makes this exceptional and easily worth 5 stars is that unlike many others i have checked out, these series of books are completely free. Others give you access to a few chapters before charging you so much to unlock the rest of thd book. These do not and thus encourage you to continue to read and use your imagination. Something thats become much more rare in this age of smartphones and smart TVs.

All of these are already-existent gamebooks in the full library & stand-alone apps. Still, I think it’s a good idea dividing them like this so people can choose the genre that interest them the most. Also make it easier to access for free, ads-supported players. You get both Witch Saga & Zombie High and some more detective stories so it’s a steal considering the price of each app. Replaying Zombie High, I only now realize that it has more extensive choices compared to most other DG titles.
  • Delight Games
  • Yes, as you say, you can get these elsewhere, but this should be easier to access for free. Glad you see it this way too

I really like this game It looks so real that sometime my own heart was pounding so loud I’m playing the witch choice now and I don’t really like Heddy’s character. She isn’t suited for main character’s best friend. It would be a good idea to put story like Ruth was a alone girl in high school and no one likes to be her friend than she find Thomas and they became the first and best friend for each other…well this is just a suggestion :) (Removing 1 star, because Ruth is so mean to Thomas)

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