The Fixies Helicopter – Think wide and enjoy the process

[Game] The Fixies Helicopter

The Fixies Helicopter  Really fun games for boys and girls in which to fix objects!

There are fixing games: cool game for boys and girls! Play fun boy games for free and helicopter escape! Let’s fly!

The Fixies the Masters are back! This time Fixiki will ride a helicopter! Join them and play a cool kid games! There are many breakages around the city. There are helicopter games for 3 year olds!

RIDE A HELICOPTER in really fun games for boys and girls
The fastest way to get to the breakage is by helicopter – and you can build one yourself! Choose from different shapes and colors in these free boy games and girls games.

All Fiksiki can fly a helicopter! Choose the character to play for free or watch ads and go! Fixing games is always popular with little investigators! Fun boy games for free with Fixies on your phone!

In these girls and cool boy games and girl games on your way and avoid balloons, wires and other obstacles. Fixiki should get to the spot safe and sound! There are helicopter games for 3 year olds! Cool kid games with your favorite characters!

Got to the place? Get to work! Use tools in these fixing games and repair different home appliances: microwave ovens, TVs, vacuum cleaners and others. Cool game for boys and girls, teach your little ones patience, persistence and other useful skills! This is not a helicopter escape, these are fun boy games for free!

This is not just fun, it’s an educational really fun games for boys and girls that develops acumen and intelligence! Think wide and enjoy the process, who said we can’t repair anything without parents? We develop little boy games because we know learning with your favorite cartoon characters is always engaging and interesting. Free boy games and girls games are what you need to keep your kids entertained for hours! Educational little boy games!

Game where the Fixies are masters of helicopters: “The Fixies Helicopter Games! Fixing games, have fun in these cool games for boys and girls! These are not helicopter escape games, but a lot of fun!

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There are cool games for boys and girls to save the city with the Fixies! Cool game for boys and girls!

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The Fixies Helicopter user reviews :

I love this game but what I don’t like is that you have to pay real money to unlock things
  • DEVGAME KIDS games
  • We really would like to do everything for free, but to create a game we need a good development team!
My Child is 6 and she is having a Good morning because she was enjoying your app and she watches all of your videos
  • DEVGAME KIDS games
  • Thank you! We are very glad that you liked our game
I I absolutely love this game because I’m in love with the fixes right now I do a suggestion so do you guys know if I don’t like any of the others fixes when are these when are these fixes going to unlock they’re not unlocking with her my mom and dad they have to pay for it and they pay for whole game who were the fixie can get in great Danger yes they can cuz doctor Mc genius am I right maybe it’s wrong it’s Professor new genius I finally threw out the name bye-bye
  • DEVGAME KIDS games
  • Thank you! We are very glad that you liked our game!
I like the game I like to so let’s say I really liked to do all this hero stuff and fix the broken items and I like flying the airplane airport thing and and yeah. It’s just really fun so download it right now you have do downloaded now.
  • DEVGAME KIDS games
  • Thank you! We are very glad that you liked our game!
I like that game it’s awsome and cool but i like the kids game but it’s truly awsome
  • DEVGAME KIDS games
  • Thank you! We are very glad that you liked our game!

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