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Zen MasterHave you ever thought about what your dream house would look like? Would you like to experience a match-three game and home design at the same time?

Zen Master is a free puzzle and lifestyle game with unique levels that are easy to play, fun, and also challenging. Play through the levels for decorating your house and show your creative skills as you collect stars. All you have to do is combine at least three of the same gems at once, making clever moves until you reach the goal. When you complete the levels, you’ll get various items that you can use to decorate your house and unlock your dream rooms.

With this game, which combines the love of match-3 games and decoration in the same environment, you’ll be able to renovate your house in the style you want. A cozy interior in soft colors and relaxing background music will help you feel comfortable and create a great interior design.

Swap, combine, and decorate your home now!

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Zen Master user reviews :

The match 3 / interior design aspect of the game is fun. But, I’m coming to the end of the first room, each game takes me less than a minute, and then I’m forced to watch a 30 second ad at the end of every level. If I was offered rewards for watching ads in my own time, I would. Having them rammed down my throat for a third of my game time spoils all the fun. I don’t have time for that. Shame, this could have been four stars at least. As it is, I’ll wait for a while and try again.

I liked it a lot. Great graphics. Fun rooms to design. But as always, the further you go the harder it is to win a level without buying more coins. The design rooms were fun, but again, the further you go the more stars it takes for each item in a room. I have therefore decided enough is enough and I’m uninstalling it.

First of all I must say the game is very beautiful, however, relaxing is a bit of a stretch. You get 13 moves to complete a challenging puzzle that is randomized by a computer that is most likely stacked against you and is backed by pay wall. If that isn’t stress-inducing I don’t know what is. I feel you shouldn’t have to repeat a level more than three times to pass. I mean this game is not on Mensa’s recommended list.

It’s really annoying when you gave to keep doing the same one about 20 times to beat it,could have made it alittle easier,about ready to uninstall it.Just wanted to decorate the rooms without getting stressed trying to beat it.

The ad rate is a bit much, but the main issue is it’s boring. The ad showed Halloween decorating. Nope, and honestly, the goth comunity would appreciate one. The levels are super easy and you can’t bypass the turorial, making it even easier and blocking potential combos. The tutorial hand is invasive and doesn’t move well. Honestly, just tell people whether to swipe or click. We all know how to play match three.

We’ve played all the games. We know all the gimmicks. This game somehow takes the best and wrapped it together. One of the best of its kind. But, being greedy, I WOULD like more style options but other than that, its the best. Ive heard ads were a problem for my friend but I play this game A LOT and just paid for ad free. I have literally never needed to purchase anything else to feel appropriate game flow. You folx nailed it!

Game bogs out and then shuts down suddenly. Otherwise this is a really great game to play. I love the graphics I like the assortment of furniture. I like that there are games in between designing so I don’t get bored. Great game!

The game is fun and I love Decorating but not enough decor to choose from to actually make it your own … Just like all the other design games. I do like the music and one room so far … On my 4th.

I like this game…however its very aggravating when you make one move that has a chain reaction of moves, to be charged more than one move. Or to use a rocket, that to my knowledge in these types of games are seeking type missiles, not do exactly that. For example; I had one move left and one more to get, I selected a missle and it hit some randome game piece. Please fix these issues and the otgers spoken of in other reviews or i’ll be forced to delete the game. Thank you.

  • Hi Teresa, thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We’re working diligently to provide our players with a fun and engaging experience based on your feedback. Please know that our team will do everything in our power to resolve these issues. Have a great day.

Very ZEN. I HAVE not spent a dime and styled 6 rooms. It’s a match 3 and I’m on level 124 I think. It is of course getting harder but hopefully I can figure it out. It is relaxing.

Great game. NO ads!!! Tons of free boosters as well as ones available if watch an ad. Usually able to complete match games within allowed moves. Decorating is fun too. Definitely recommend!

Great game, but it keeps freezing up. I have to keep restarting my phone to get past the ads, cause it freezes in the middle of them.

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