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Zoldout GlobalZold:out is a semi-turn-based tactical RPG fused with deck building.

You will use multiple weapons in one turn to challenge powerful enemies in a non-grid battlefield. Recruit clerks, forge weapons, and save the world with your strategy and creativity!

Action System
The core gameplay revolves around the use of action points and cards. Each character has 12 action points that can be spent to perform actions in battle. The number of action points remaining will affect the duration of subsequent rounds. Players can choose to spend all of their action points at once to deal massive damage, or save some action points for more flexible movement and strategy. The choice is yours to make as you control the battle style of your characters.

Weapon Deck
Players can access a wide variety of weapon cards with unique powers, and use these cards to craft their own decks. Each card can be paired with different characters, allowing for a wide range of tactical possibilities and strategies. As players progress through the game, they can forge more weapon cards and continue to refine their decks, searching for the perfect combination of cards and characters to achieve victory. Deck building adds an extra layer of depth and customization to the gameplay, allowing players to truly make the game their own.

Non-grid battlefield allow players to devise strategies and tactics beyond the limitations of traditional grid-based gameplay. With the ability to move freely across the battlefield, players can use more precise and meticulous tactics to outmaneuver their foes and achieve victory.

Boss Battle
Zold:out features a range of unique bosses and monsters that have been carefully designed by the development team. Players will need to think strategically and adjust their tactics and teams to the characteristics of each boss in order to emerge victorious. Simply leveling up your status won’t be enough to defeat these powerful foes – you’ll need to find your own way to overcome the challenges they present and come up with creative solutions. The game encourages players to think outside the box and use their skills and cunning to emerge victorious against even the toughest opponents.

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Zoldout Global user reviews :

It’s a well made game. Interesting and nicely designed. My only complaint is the terrible decisions made by the AI when using auto battle. My very first auto battle the AI just left the characters in the enemy range to get hit. I tried it myself afterwards and I moved them out of the way with no problem. I don’t understand. But I’ve never programmed a game and I’m sure it’s tough, I’m just explaining my experience. Overall very…. refreshing? EDIT SUBTRACT STAR BC AI is too bad sorry

So far, the UI, game play, use of strategy, and characters have been great. Everything has been running phenomenal. Keep up the great work. Though, an issue is now encountered when doing the new White Day event. When loading, the loading screen stays up as though stuck (though it’s not frozen). All other events and dungeons run flawlessly. You guys might take a look into the issue.

Game is polished. Its turn based combat is innovative. However, I think its friend point system is very bad. It incentivices you to use a support, but that takes away 1 slot from team building. Using a support to clear a stage counts as clearing it, so there’s no downside. It trivializes all lower level content when there’s so many lvl100 support to use out there. Takes away the point of “strategy”. They need to rework how we gain friend points. Otherwise this game is a 5 star from me.

The game has quite unique mechanics that makes it different compared to similar genre of tactics RPG. Weapon system is fun. Character development also quite simple and enjoyable. AI is too simple to the point of (sry) sil*y…well its difficult thing to programs an AI for tactics genre games so you better go manual for on a challenging map. Also, gacha rate up is FAKE. After almost 20k gems spent paid and free along with dozen of tickets, dev you better honest with your pull rates.

Excellent game with awesome combat system. Strategic gameplay similar to divinity 2. Generous rewards and free sr event characters to max out and build which is on par with ssr characters. However, p2w element is strong with many packages to enhance one’s character. But if you do not care about reaching the top, this game is a must try with its easy reroll system as well as gameplay mechanics. All in all, I greatly recommend it.

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