Zombie Diary – Zombies dominate our planet

[Game] Zombie Diary

Zombie Diary  A diary, recording a period of history about a miserable and unimaginable world and a legendary person, has been found by generations of humanity.

In 2013 A.D., resident evil breaks out. Zombies dominate our planet which is becoming bloody hell. As the only survival citizen, you must kill all the zombies in the world who are trying to attack you.
Human’s mission lies on your shoulder.

Now you can pick up weapons to fight for human’s density, kill the endless zombies. Remember that your primary mission is to survive. Come on! Let’s begin the journey to save the world!

In order to kill as many zombies as possible, you must make full use of your resources and earn more coins and crystals. You can buy better weapons and other auxiliary equipments to make yourself more powerful.

Zombie Diary Highlighted Features
24 guns you can equip and use;
5 roles with different properties you can play;
5 skills to improve your ability;
4 maps in the game;
3 meches can make you the king of the world;
Various types of zombies, quick, strong, remote attack and powerful boss;
Different task modes;
You can earn money in training room which appears after five days;
You can get extra bonus base on your blood percent when level cleared;
Various achivements you can reach and obtain the corresponding rewards.

Zombie Diary user reviews :

It’s a pretty good game. My only issue is I did a bunch of missions and was stuck on one so I went to the free for all to rack up some coins but all the zombies were basically invincible. Even the beginner ones. I don’t know if that’s how the game is but I don’t have this issue in the second one

Really challenging, but fun at the same time, I’ve been playing this game for years and it never fails to be a great game.

Fun game but the ads are impossible to exit out of, took me 30 tries to click the x.

It takes a while to get coins and buy guns but it’s fun and a time killer I recommend it controls super easy it a make up for aliens invasion being removed from the store I’m not a fake reply I have a yt channel for proof

After almost every level you have to watch an advertisement that are usually 30 seconds long. It seems like these should grant you some currency or they should be optional to watch. It seems like there’s a pretty obvious pay wall at about “day 12” in the game as well, where you have to either grind for a long time or pay actual money to progress further. I gave it 2 stars because it functions but there are non optional ads that give no reward then almost a pay or grind to progress thing.

I WILL GIVE 10 STAR IF ALLOWED !! i love all aspect of the game . please Dev Team, spend your time to refine the game. i tap home button while playing, and when i get back t thw game, the display is broken, black bar everywhere and glithes appear. please i love this game so much, just refine it. (and don’t monetize it more than you already do)

awesome game pretty hard that’s what makes it fun you have to grind to get what you need and here’s an Easter egg go to the guns by the desert egeal them scroll all the way down there is another of the same gun then if u try to equip it you get kicked out of the game

Awsome game. Worth getting coz its free but it getw too hard to quickly. … Awsome game. Worth getting coz its free but it getw too hard to quickly. Unless u can pay. Awsome game. But it gets too hard too quickly. Unless u can pay.

Awesome game! This is great fun…easy to get into, generous with coins, you don’t have to spend REAL money to play and advance but if your impatient you can…all over GREAT fun game.

Frustrating!! Ok u have fixed the force close bug. Now fix where the weapons need to be cheaper!

Good game I gave 4 stars because its a good game but a little too tough. I can see people giving up on it because of that. Great graphics too!

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