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Zoo Happy AnimalsWe’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo…

Ever wanted to shave an alpaca, shower an adorable but filthy elephant calf, lead a column of acrobatic chimpanzees all the way to the banana pile, or throw watermelons to a ravening hippo? These are just a few of the crazy, cute and super fun tasks you’ll have to perform to keep the animals happy in this colorful, delightful zoo simulator that offers a whole range of entertaining mini games that challenge, charm and amuse in equal measure, covering all aspects of zoo life and animal care.

Become a zoo tycoon and master every aspect of animal welfare in this awesome idle animal game, just don’t let the lions get in with the alpacas, and watch your hands when you’re feeding the crocodiles…

How about you?

Can you master all the skills required to run a zoo? There’s always work for idle hands, with feeding, grooming, washing, and herding all covered in a wide range of entertaining and instructive mini games that include maze puzzles, moving pins, obstacle courses, cutting, catching and a whole lot more.

Intuitive gameplay, gradually increasing difficulty levels, and vast variety challenges ensure that animal fans of all ages will be engaged and entertained by this fun idle game with a huge heart.

Who’s the cutest of them all? Look after fluffy alpacas, playful baby elephants, cheeky little monkeys, lovely lion cubs, and huggable hippos. Even those snap-happy crocodiles are kind of adorable. Complete the game levels to meet their needs and get rewarded with happiness and love expressed in dance, emojis and the occasional wholehearted roar.

Charming graphics, fun animations, and entertaining haptic effects make the Zoo a colorful, absorbing, and super relaxing place to spend time for animal lovers of all ages, relieving stress for adults and helping develop cognitive and fine motor skills in young children.

With an emphasis on fun, simple gameplay and a beautiful game world, Zoo helps build awareness of animal welfare and protection, as well as respect for nature, while maintaining a sense of joy and age-appropriate humor.

You can come too!

Rate your chances as a zoo tycoon? Want an idle game that lets you indulge your overwhelming love for animals in a simulator that also boasts gorgeous gameplay, fun puzzle challenges, and original wacky humor?

Want to build a zoo where all the animals are kept happy all the time, and every species lives in peace, love and harmony?

Then download Zoo – Happy Animals right away and get to work to ensure that it’s another day in paradise for all the cute and cuddly creatures at the zoo.

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Zoo Happy Animals user reviews :

I love this game! Sometimes it gets a LITTLE repetitive but its always a different type of level, the thing I was most impressed about was how it isnt one of those copy/paste games. It has its own character models and it has its own UI/gameplay. there arent any creepy semi-realistic human head in here, no weird ads, the ads infact, arent clickbait, it has acctual gameplay! its really fun!

It’s a great, fun & entertaining game at first, but after you play for a while, the lvls will repeat. In my opinion, I like when the game lets you pick up a fruit, cut it as many pieces as you want, put the fruit pieces in the plate, and feed the cute baby animals (especially the cub) the food. Awesome game. My younger cousins like it, and me too. Would recommend it for 5-10 or so yrs old. I also recommend the game creator to add more lvls and maybe other animals, like, sugar gliders.

This game is awesome. The animals are adorable and it also works offline too! Unlike other mobile games. This game is also very entertaining. I would recommend it for children.

I love this game so much! I can feed the crocodile, wash the baby elephant and many more!!! I love this game, i will put 5 star!

I know how must of y’all had side ohh their to much ads if you do it on a laptop or a phone try on a iPad it’s way better for you and me their is not that much ads for me so I think it will be better to use a Ipad not to lie but you guys that was complaining are acting like a toddler oh it’s a gray game but has to much ads OMG get use to it like your not a baby or are you I am 9 and I do not complain as much as the adults or teenager it is anoing me so much it’s a good game be grateful That sad.

I Love this game so much! And I love how the baby elephant excited when he gets wash

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