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[Game] Airport Life 3D

Airport Life 3DAirport Life 3D – Like Flying in Your Dreams

Don’t you miss air travel? Standing in line to check your bag, waiting for the ominous ping at the security gate, chatting with complete strangers as you share your sorrows over delayed flights, hunting for bargains in duty-free, keeping frantic tabs on your passport and tickets, rushing to get to your gate before boarding closes. Tired of jotting vacation plans on a piece of paper?

Grab your device, fasten your seat belt, stow your tray, and make sure your seat is in the upright position because Airport Life 3D is a colorful airport simulator that brings you the full experience of international air travel in the form of a riotously entertaining mobile game. Ready for takeoff? It’s time for a travel adventure like no other…

Did you pack this bag yourself?

See airport life from all sides and in all its varied richness as you perform simulator tasks in the roles of check-in staff, passenger, security guard, baggage handler, border control and cabin crew.

Huge variety of game mechanics and airport situations: match pairs, sort passengers , pack bags, fill buses, grab shopping items, collect stars, spot the difference, stamp travel papers, and so much more.

Evocative soundtrack of Euro beats and Latin rhythms to bring back your very best vacation memories.

Dozens of different passengers to cater to in the game, each with their own special requirements, funny quirks, and often astonishing luggage items.

Colorful and crazy characters add spice to your air travel experience—what meal do you serve a ninja? What luggage does a guardsman carry? Do pharaohs prefer window or aisle seats? Are you going to let that young punk into your country? What shouldn’t that tycoon be carrying in his luggage? Who does this kangaroo belong to? You’ll have to make the right decision.

Bright, fun cartoon graphics and amusing scenarios that recall the best—and worst—aspects of traveling by plane.

Entertaining in-game chat where you choose the texts passengers will send, and then get to see the consequences of your choices in the character’s life. Have you just ruined that girl’s relationship with the love of her life?

Don’t be late for your flight

Get to the airport in good time to enjoy hours of humorous simulator fun and see air travel in a brand new light. Whether you’re a young kid who’s never flown before or a tycoon with your own private jet on standby, Airport Life 3D is a game that brings the thrill of international travel to life right on your mobile device and lets you enjoy the full airport experience in the comfort and security of your own home.

Download this entertaining and original airport simulator now. Just make sure to pack your passport…

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Airport Life 3D user reviews :

I really like this! I have been try much of games and this one is the best.As i read the other player said it have too much ad. I agree but when i try close the internet the ad gone! If not the ad there non of problem. The game is so good have much of activity such as packing things , serve customer and much more! I really recommend this one from my experience! Hope the creator will update more.

Hi! This game was really super until ads started annoying me. As other reviews, the ads are so troublesome. So to everyone reading this, please don’t install this. This is actually an interesting game, but they have spoilt it by ads. It’s better to reduce the ads. I was actually happy at the first try, but then, ads annoyed me. This is the only problem. But if you don’t mind the ads, you could try. I wish that there could be 2 ads in 3 or 4 levels which actually won’t be annoying. Thank You!

this game is the best because it keeps you on it and you don’t want to come off and there’s no consent adds just download airport life 3D

Nice game. Best experience so far. Unlike the other games I’ve played, they’re horrible and had a lot of ads. Like money seekers. But this app doesn’t have much. I appreciate it! Plus the controls and animation aren’t laggy. My experience has been well, thanks!

this game is very good & underrated! this game seems alright! This game is very fun to play, the quality in this game are the best! but theres a problem with this game, which is the ads, theres too many ads in this game.. When you start, it gives just gives us ads. if there were less ads then i’d probably give it 4 stars. Theres too much ads. And i’m on level 103 right now, this game is getting a bit boring right now, maybe if you guys add more & make less ads, i would give it a 5 stars

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