Chaseсraft – Help Unspeakable rebuild his base

[Game] Chaseсraft

Chaseсraft  Get caught up in epic runner adventures and help Unspeakable rebuild his base and escape his island neighbors!

Run, jump, slide, and navigate obstacles while you mine resources and construct the base.

Want to see how you match up to a famous YouTuber? Race against Unspeakable’s scores and catch up to his run achievements.

Mine resources while running and use them to construct the island base.

Find and craft new Skins, including Unspeakable’s popular skin.

Face off against bosses who live and run on their own island locations: the Marshland, Dark Forest, Metal Mines, and Endless Desert! Use all your abilities to chase and defeat the kings of these islands!

Unlock power-ups to help you run further and mine more resources.

Get more rewards the more you play! Level up your mine multiplier by creating special tools and upgrading your abilities!


No Internet Connection Required!

PLEASE NOTE! Chasecraft is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

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Chaseсraft user reviews :

This game is one of the best games that I’ve played , but there is one problem with it , I used to play it a while ago then I uninstalled it and didnt install it again for like another year or so , before I had uninstalled it I had almost completed the game , now that I installed it again there is no sink up option so u can link your account so u dont lose all your progress

Really not as much fun Used to be fun when u had no stnanima or energy u could just run and not have to wait i will miss it just being able to run and save my fav youtuber. I played this game alot then it all changed im really sad i played ALOT and now i dont. I reccomend playing but its not fun with only 5 attempts i want to be able to run and retry eithout waiting like the old days of this game. Please add a mode where u run not story just freeplay really collect gold and wood. Thank you

Love the game! And love Unspeakable! Thank you unspeakable for this game. This is the best running game in the world. Better than Subway surf! Enjoying the updates! One problem, sometimes when I jump it won’t jump. But anyway it all good. Can’t wait to see new features added to Chase Craft. Thank again Unspeakable for making my day better with this game!

This is the best game I love how you got to try to capcher the wolf and save Unspeakable and my favorite part is how you had to run and get supplies to make billdings and get better weapons and supplies. that is why I rated this a five star. I love Unspeakables youtube channel.

I LOOOOVE THIS GAME I MEAN ONCE YOU GET INTO IT YOU WONT LET GO. but definetly would have been a 5 star if there was not the energy system i mean i understang the stamina but the energy takes forever like 50 MINUTES TO PLAY A SINGLE LEVEL?!?! AND THAT DOSENT EVEN COUNT THE FACT THAT YOU CAN FAIL. it would honestly make the game a LOT more enjoyable if you either removed it or made a way so that free players like me can replenish the energy and also upgrade it with gold or gold ingots. Plz.

This is a very good game. I was watching unspeakables video called using the most expensive apps. Then i saw him play this and i loved it! It has everything you would want for a game like this. I hope he makes more games that are free. I would buy all of them. It is my favorite game ever. Keep up the good work! The one thing i dont like is that you need so many recourses to upgrade stamina. Other than that its a perfect game!

I like how the new updates to the game made it a lot more fun and like like with more levels to like each level but the only thing that annoyed me that it resetted me to the first level with unspeakable on the first level I was on the second level for a while cuz I haven’t been playing it a long time but I had to start playing again today

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