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AFK JourneyStep into Esperia, a fantasy world full of magic—a lone seed of life meandering among the sea of stars.

And on Esperia, it took root. As the river of time flowed, the once all-powerful gods fell. As the seed grew, each branch sprouted leaves, which became the races of Esperia.

You will play as the legendary mage Merlin and experience strategically tactical battles. It’s time to dive into an unexplored world and embark on a journey to unlock a hidden mystery together with the heroes of Esperia.

Remember, only you can guide heroes to pull the sword from the stone and learn the truth about the world.

Explore Ethereal World

Lead the Six Factions to their Destiny

Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of a magical storybook, where you can singlehandedly explore the world. From the shining fields of Golden Wheatshire to the luminous beauty of the Dark Forest, from the Remnant Peaks to the Vaduso Mountains, journey through the wondrously diverse landscapes of Esperia.
Form bonds with the heroes of the Six Factions on your journey. You are Merlin. Be their guide and help them become who they were meant to be.

Master Battlefield Strategies
Conquer Each Challenge with Precision

A hex battle map allows players to freely assemble their hero lineup and strategically position them. Choose between a bold strategy centered around a powerful main damage dealer or a more balanced team. Witness different outcomes as you experiment with various hero formations, creating an engaging and unpredictable gameplay experience in this fantasy adventure.

Heroes come with three distinct skills, with the ultimate skill requiring manual release. You must time your attack at the right moment to disrupt enemy actions and seize command of the battle.

Various battle maps offer different challenges. Woodland battlefields offer strategic cover with obstacle walls, and clearings favor rapid assaults. Embrace the distinct strategies that allow a variety of tactics to thrive.

Master the use of flamethrowers, landmines, and other mechanisms to triumph against your enemies. Skillfully arrange your heroes, strategically utilizing isolating walls to turn the tide and reverse the course of battle.

Collect Epic Heroes
Customize Your Formations for Victory

Join our open beta and discover 46 heroes from all six factions. Witness the Lightbearers, who carry the pride of humanity. Watch the Wilders flourish at the heart of their forest. Observe how the Maulers survive against all odds through strength alone. The Graveborn legions are amassing, and the eternal clash between the Celestials and the Hypogeans continues. — All are waiting for you in Esperia.
Choose from the six commonly-used RPG classes to create different lineups and adapt to various battle scenarios.

Acquire Resources Effortlessly
Upgrade Your Equipment with a Simple Tap

Say goodbye to grinding for resources. Collect rewards effortlessly with our auto-battle and AFK features. Continue gathering resources even while you’re sleeping.
Level up and share equipment across all heroes. After upgrading your team, new heroes can share experience instantly and be played right away. Dive into the crafting system, where old equipment can be directly disassembled for resources. No need for tedious grinding. Level up now!

AFK Journey user reviews :

It’s a great game. I really enjoy it, when it’s not crashing. I love the look and style of the animations, when they play. I like exploring the environment, when it loads. I really like the battle system, when it’s not closing out. Either this game has terrible optimization, or It’s just such a powerhouse that they need to issue a warning for average to low end devices. Will update when I stop having issues.

  • Thank you for enjoying the game. Regarding crash issues, please share crash scenarios via Facebook (@AFK Journey) or in-game support. We will verify the situation for you as soon as possible. Thank you.

So far I really love this game, the characters are pleasant, the voices are easy to listen to, the game play is smooth and the transitions in scenes are perfect, no glitches or issues I’ve seen so far. I’ve played similar games and I almost always end up with load issues, poor voiceover quality, bad battle transitions or an overall bad gaming experience, this one is genuinely a pleasant surprise this far and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in this gaming formart! Cute familiars too!!

I love it so far! Very pretty characters, the story is interesting and the world looks great. But it’s very laggy, sometimes my world won’t load and the first time I ever played it made my game crash. Other than that I think the character customization needs more to it, I’m just not satisfied with that aspect. Overall a good and fun game! Could be great!

Parts of Dislyte and AFK Arena in a beautiful blend. You can clearly see the improvements over the other games that are incorporated into this one, which was done quite well. I like the equipment leveling system, but the hero leveling is a little brutal. There are parts where you can get stuck until you are able to level up, but it doesn’t stop the gameplay and you can get back to it later. My only gripe is that experience material isn’t as abundant as I’d like, other than that the game is great

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