Dobre Duel – Mix and match your Dobre Styles

[Game] Dobre Duel


Join the Dobres Brothers – Cyrus, Darius, Lucas and Marcus – for their next hit mobile game – Dobre Duel! This time, flip, flop and duel your way across multiple mini-game challenges!

PIÑATA PANIC – Get the most candies!
SOCCER SMASH – Score the most goals!
BEWARE THE BLOWFISH – Don’t get hit!
DOBRE OUTFITS – Mix and match your Dobre Styles.

If you were a fan of DOBRE DUNK then you’ll love DOBRE DUEL !


Dobre Duel user reviews :

Don’t listen to the haters the game is cool if your bored this game will help you. But you should add the sensitivity of dobre dunk but the game has more options than the other one but there should be more graphics or reality to the game if you see this plsease do it in the next update then you can achieve your goal to get this in #1 in app store and play store
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  • Hello! We really appreciate your honesty about our game. We’re sorry you don’t like it and would like the opportunity to improve it. Email us at support[at] and let us know how we can make it good for you

It is awesome you can choose your own game to play you can choose a character and have fun to get more fun games so if you download it will not make you bord. Bord will not exist so download it now for fun and no not.

This game is good In all but if I won a match I shouldn’t have to watch a add to get my money that’s dumb and they should have a pause button but other then that it’s a cool game
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  • Thanks for playing Dobre Duel. If you really enjoy it, it would be helpful if you could rate it 5 stars. If you would like to share your feedback, please contact us at support[at]
I think the games are great but there are too many adds and everytime I try get more cash or win a trophy there is always an add which is quite annoying but overall it’s really good
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  • Thanks for playing Dobre Duel. We welcome your feedback on the game. Please note that most of the in-game ads are optional – watch a video to continue, or rewards can be skipped. Feel free to email us if you have any further comments. Thanks for playing! support[at]

The game is really fun it’s less harder than dobre dunk and and dobre Dunk don’t have different games you can play like this one this one’s my favorite game that they have made so far not that hard it’s really fun you get money really easy from adds i Love it

Very good and fun for everyone so you can connect with people from around the world and connect with some friends such a leb awesome app the dobre brothers and keep it up

Overall amazing games for kids. The dobre bros have made a sick game but it’s a bit laggy at times and the game could work a bit smoother. 4/5 and highly recommend!
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  • Hello, thank you very much for your comment, if you like the application, could you give us more stars? :) You would help us a lot with the 5 stars

This game is fun but it gets boring when you keep on playing the same game maybe add more games to it

I love dobre brothers I see all their videos and I love their games in dobre duel there are different compitetions they are all so cool but there is one problem after every round an ad comes which annoying if you could change that it would be good but the game is coool

Im the first person to get\ play this game and its not that good. I got it cause im the first person to see this game not cause i like the dobre brothers. But it doesnt really have anything to do with the brothers.Its funny that it shows what looks like to be real peaple when theres 0 downloads and im the first person to have this.edit. theres no pause and the bots ara kinda hard to beat.
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  • Thanks for playing Dobre Duel. If you really enjoy it, it would be helpful if you could rate it 5 stars. If you would like to share your feedback, please contact us at support[at]

I like this game so much its perfect but i would like it more if u add more games my fav game is dont hit the puff fish, i am very good at it, so am i good at soccer ball but can u make the ball smaller pls.

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