Levistone Story Global – Create your strongest dungeon brave team

[Game] Levistone Story Global

Levistone Story GlobalGameplay Feature

Easy and Fun Combat
Unique dual-skill combat with manual play. No matter monster armies or mythical bosses, all yield to your power.

Play Your Very Own Marvellous Town
The little town is full of surprises, planting fruits and veg, fishing and BBQ to be the big chief, and cooking hundreds of dishes to gain powerful attributes.

Unlimited Mix of Tactical Genres
Dozens of occupational skills, monster drops its attribute cards, random attributes + affixes to equip weapons allowing mix and match freely to create your strongest dungeon brave team.

Build Relationships in Fun Interactive Way
Thumbs up for sending love, stall new goods to trade with, the competitive battle for the game and meeting friends for life!

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Levistone Story Global user reviews :

This game is a delight. The style is great, the gameplay’s good, and there are no ads. There are micro transactions, but they’re not overbearing. The only time I’ve completed a new player event 100%. The only issue is poor translations. For the most part it didn’t matter, but it did once lead to me spending resources on materials I didn’t need. Other than that a wonderful game. 9/10

Honestly, one of the best (mmo)rpg on the playstore. This game is pavked with content, and I mean PACKED. Always something to do and the progression is great. Played almost 30h and still didn’t spend and I’m still progressing at a good pace. Only 4/5 stars for 2 main reasons. The translation is a little iffy, I can understand everything, but somethings aren’t very clear because of it. The second reason is the cash shop, a little to much of it, but not more then anyother f2p games honestly.

This is one of those games that has this amazing “indie-feel” to it, the gameplay is simple yet customizable enough, and is an overall very enjoyable experience in terms of gameplay. The biggest down side? The auto-translations. God. They are awful. I feel like my brain is being punched every two seconds that I read any text. If it wasn’t for such god awful translations (which are clearly google-translated), this game would shine much brighter. Consider adding proper translations. Please.

  • Thank you for your support. We are also constantly optimizing translation issues. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

Great! The experience is good, but there are still some bugs in setting characters and pets. The story and gameplay are attractive, hoping to keep playing and experiencing more new elements and stories.


Pretty fun, not just a copy paste gatcha game with 100’s units. More of a rouge like dungeon crawl. The only “problem” is the English translations atm. The story line is almost un comprehensable as is. It makes some mechanics harder to understand as the description the game gives is barely understandable


Tired of 3D games, prefer the traditional pixel style. Simple art style but not simple content, fun! Been playing for a while.


Why is it so hard to get food supplies for your characters to lvl them up? Make it easy to get lvl up materials and food supplies for ur heros..its hard to find food supplies without spending real money and everything is so expensive to buy like the battle pass..14 bucks are u seriously?

Game prompts you to do a task but yet tells you that it can’t be completed atm with no back out option so unable to progress onwards… Left me confused….. uninstall

All I can say is thank you! finally a game that isnt a copy paste with a unique playstyle. I know it still won’t be for everyone, but honestly, this feels like itll be my new main game!

Excellent game, DEVS are active and have already fixed previous 1 star review issues. A lot of potential and areas for growth also.

Out of all the games I’ve played and search through this game as caught my attention and I have zoned out many times playing it.

For the size it’s very packed with content that make rpgs fun

It’s good game but sadly I get bored from it

It’s playable. Suggest adding more variety like auto-fishing, pets, more good cards, fighters, energy waves, magic swordsmen, elemental swords, summoners, special summoned pets, multiple mechanical armor skills for blacksmiths, and maybe even a reincarnation system from 0 to 5 turns. Hope the game keeps updating with new things, more diverse content makes it last longer.

  • Thank you for your suggestions. We will consider adding more special heroes and development directions. I wish you a happy game.

A game that makes people want to play again and again, the gaming experience is great. Activating skills in the bottom left corner is awesome. The only downsides are the small entrance and the long wait time for quest board updates, the only two minor drawbacks.

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