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[Game] Idle Hotel Tycoon Empire

Idle Hotel Tycoon EmpireWelcome to Hotel Tycoon, the idle management game where you’re the boss! Start from scratch and work your way up to running a network of 5-star hotels.

As a budding hotel tycoon, you’ll start with a small inn and build your way up. Upgrade your properties, hire staff, and attract guests with unique amenities. Keep them happy and watch your empire grow.

Idle gameplay means you’re always earning, even when you’re not playing. Log in for a few minutes each day to make decisions and watch your profits soar.

But don’t just sit back and relax! The more you play, the more you earn. Use your profits to unlock new hotels, upgrade your properties, and expand your empire.

You’ll need to think strategically to attract the right guests and keep them coming back. From choosing the right decor to setting the perfect room rate, every decision is in your hands.
With stunning graphics, addictive gameplay, and endless opportunities to grow your empire, Hotel Tycoon is the perfect game for anyone who’s ever dreamed of running their own hotel.

So what are you waiting for? The keys to your very own hotel empire are just a tap away. Download Hotel Tycoon today and start building your empire!

Idle Hotel Tycoon Empire user reviews :

It’s pretty solid for a brand new game. No forced ads, and you can progress well without them. Currently, there is only one expansion zone, but it does look like they plan on adding more.

Nice graphics. Time system in game is confusing, sometimes when I opened the game, it started at eating time with zero meal (my kitchen got well upgraded), it isn’t my fault that chefs ain’t cook at offline time.

I like how you don’t have to wait so many hrs to build something. Don’t change this. I hate games that take 3 or more hrs to build something. Only problem is it finishes to fast. ( you can complete the game in two days) Be nice if they gave you more hotel rooms to do up.

Best hotel game I’ve found yet! Yes some ads but mostly for good rewards. Good graphics. Just opened cinema room way cool. Just waiting to research a new area now.

The tech tree is pretty decent and easy to use. The game is a great way to Pasa time without being too easy. Good job!

Very good game. Would recommend it to others. There are some stuff that can be added like valet parking and some other stuff. But overall best game so far

I spent 10$ to get the perks without watching ads, but it still makes me watch ads it’d be 5 stars for me if it actually gave me what I bought.

really good! the only ads that show up are the optionap ones that get you rewards which is great since i listen to podcasts in the background while i play

Fun and no ads, unless you chose to watch them. Can progress in a reasonable time.

Really good game. No forced ads is nice. Not to be biased or anything, but it’s a whole lot better than Hotel Empire.

Definitely want to spend the money for an ad free game but I want to know that more is coming to the game.

Great, fun game. Only downside… I have completed everything. I hope an update is added soon.

Love the game. I just wish you had a way to switch between rooms without having to exit them

Construction doesnt progress while not playing the game, kinda weird

Just like their prison tycoon game I really like this one. I’m almost done with everything that’s out lol.

It’s inspiration game which you like to play all the time, I give 5star

Hopefully there is more levels than two. I like the game

It’s fantastic game touch you what need to do if you want be manger off hotel

Seems ok. I literally downloaded it 5 minutes ago. How do you review a game you’ve played for 3 minutes?

Fun !! Nothing else left. Await update . Need more hotels .

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